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  1. Where would one find such a list? I feel like there isn't many and I want to watch more but only if it's professional recorded.
  2. The link isn't working for me. Can someone upload to mega?
  3. Anyone thats going to chicago want to meet up?
  4. Anyone have any guesses on ticket prices ranges?
  5. I can't wait to finallly meet some LPL members. I've been mostly a lurker.
  6. I am so pumped for this! This is going to be very very emotional for everyone. I can't think of a better way to pay respects to Chester.
  7. Do you guys usually plan a meet up for LPL members? If so, how would I go about joining?
  8. After $500 for air plane ticket and concert ticket I am going to be broke... but this is worth it to me. I cannot and will not miss this event!!!! If anyone in the area can put me up for the night that would be very nice of you! Maybe all of us LPL members could meet up that day as well? I would love to finally meet some of you!
  9. Alex McMillian anyone? From Razor Red Noise?
  10. If anyone ends up going to the Chicago or Kansas City location and would like some company please let me know. I don't know any LP fans in my area, I would really like to go with like minded people! PM me
  11. Man what a crazy turn of events, I am so hyped but so jealous at the same time. I would love to see Fort Minor live, I really hope Mike has a tour even a mini one in the usa, I will travel to where ever needed to see at least 1 show. Crosses fingers for St. Louis Missouri!!
  12. Thank the LP gods! I cant wait. Hope the quality is better than last time!
  13. I am so freaking excited, Imagine a tour with Linkin Park and Fort Minor? Or what if Mike is going to include Chester in Fort Minor this time around? So may possibilities?
  14. Does anyone else find it ironic he is singing Fort Minor verses after the recent rumors?
  15. This hype is driving me crazy! I really hope something epics comes of this. Fort Minor 2.0 lets do this!
  16. Okay, I am almost 100% sure mike is up to something when it comes to fort minor. Why else would he be wasting his time messing around with the Fort Minor facebook page and creating an instagram account. Not only that, but if you all remember... on recharged Ryu hinted at more Fort Minor material... I'm not sure whats happening but all i am sure about is Fort Minor is back in some shape or form. Who is rooting for a tour with LP, Fort Minor and Stone Temple Pilots or the return of Dead by Sunrise? How epic would that be?
  17. I'm still waiting for Project Revolution to return
  18. Anyone here from Missouri tonight? I really hope to hear apfmh.
  19. Can anyone provide a list of songs that have lyrics?
  20. Anyone going to the 1/17? I'm going up there with a buddy, we are looking to party or just chill and meet new people! e-mail me or respond. johnhtmorrow@gmail . c o m Thanks!
  21. When is the LPU cd going to release today? Its the 20th... ?
  22. I would of went but I am going to the colorado show instead of other reasons *cough* lol
  23. Authoritative American radio station Hard Drive Radio, that radio station which some months prior to exit EP of Pilots - ‘ High Rise ’, named date of its exit, declares, that 6th studio album Linkin Park, under the name ‘ The Hunting Party ’, leaves in the middle of June. Not looking at it, in yesterday's interview Chester has mentioned, that with the name they were not defined yet.
  24. http://news.radio.com/2014/03/05/linkin-pa...same-interview/