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  1. Fucking cool wow Is it the same show that comes w the DVD?
  2. Yup you are right I was just drinking and texting Bad combination I always pictured that Dialate was a demo w Chester since it's track 1 Can't wait for the release
  3. https://open.spotify.com/album/4PxdI6MRu4vosmU0nm1fY4?si=ksRTRuNtTbyQkwi8eL831w
  4. Seems like we are celebrating Mark's career, so much stuff with him on vocals He was awful i just wished that everything was Chester vocals.
  5. This is your Xero box set I don't think that they'll continue releasing more HT stuff This is the end of that cycle.
  6. I've never heard something good from any of the winners of every remix contest they have ever done.
  7. It's a bummer that we won't get any single from this As a teenager i always dreamed of an APFMH video.
  8. Who listens to those? Seriously? One listen and that's it. Both sides needs to calm down, in the end what really matters is the music and for sure it's really high quality stuff. Amends is my favorite album since ATS.
  9. Can't remember any good Joe remix since his work on Reanimation.
  10. The tracks are cool as fuck just don't listen to them don't buy any album and your little heart will be okay.
  11. It was a Russian site They posted official vob files great quality stuff I loved the way they organized the site You can download live shows from lptracker I don't really care anymore about having tons of media in my computer LPLive channel on YouTube fills my needs.