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  1. Don Broco wasn't the support act. Tiavo supported Mike in Munich and Ludwigsburg.
  2. The show in Ludwigsburg is perfect for me. I could go there and attend my grandmas birthday in Stuttgart the next day. But I have already something else in my calendar on that weekend. The strugle is real.
  3. They didn't skipped Rock im Park completly, I think they made some mistakes with Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, the first footer says "Rock am Ring - Nuremberg", but Nuremberg or Nürnberg in german is the location of Rock im Park. And also the last audience shot at 0:44 is clearly from Rock im Park.
  4. There was some footage of RIP, they mixed up RAR and RIP...
  5. I wanted to drive 8 hours to Italy the next day, so when I watch it, I have to start at 5:00 am off to Italy and sleep the day before. But my family wouldn't liked to be waken up in the middle of the night by loud guitars and screams :/
  6. I don't really now if there will be a broadcast of any show from RiP, because this year, the BR isn't even mentionend on the tickets nor the RiP homepage. So it seems to be that they are no more an official media partner. Compare the tickets from 2012 and this year: You will notice that there is no more "Bayern 3" or "on 3" logo on the tickets, which are the channels of the BR. Now only the "Nürnberger Nachrichten", the local newspaper, is the only sponsor which is a media company. And so if the BR is now more the media partner, I think it won't have the rights, nor the material to broadcast.
  7. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2014/20140610 Was there really a flash mob, or is it just a copy left over?
  8. I will not be able to watch it, cause I'm already at RiP, but i will record it.
  9. Papercut 8:3 Blackout A Place For My Head 6:5 Castle Of Glass
  10. What is the best recording of BTH?
  11. A Place For My Head 5:2 Papercut Blackout 3:4 Castle of Glass
  12. 1) Carousel 1:6 Papercut 2) And One 2:5 Castle of Glass 3) Blackout 2:5 With You 4) A Place For My Head 7:0 QWERTY
  13. 1) Qwerty 5:6 The Catalyst 2) Castle Of Glass 8:3 Iridescent 3) One Step Closer 4:7 Blackout 4) With You 5:6 No Roads Left 5) Carousel 7:4 Waiting For The End 6) When They Come For Me 4:7 Papercut 7) New Divide 2:9 And One 8) Leave Out All The Rest 2:9 A Place For My Head
  14. haering


    I hope they do first some touring and release the album afterwards, because I would like to hear more of the older stuff. But I think it will be the other way round.
  15. Noticed that the stream is already running. I hate time shift. Exspecially when its suddenly not +9 but -9 hours.
  16. There is a mistake with APFMH 6/3/2012 this should be 5/26/2012, the show in Lisboa was the first apearance of APFMH not the show in Nürnberg.
  17. In the german Itunes store, i can only see the normal albums not a single bonus track.
  18. I also had to search a while, but I finally found it^^ You have to look at the monitor the lightpink bar at the bottom contains LITE and WID.
  19. I think every 2 hours the stream starts again. Because LP came so late on stage their show took more than 2 hours from 11PM PST so the end of BIO was cut.
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