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  1. On 12/25/2019 at 2:11 AM, martinez said:



    Final Masquerade (Live from Carnivores Tour 2014) (3:56)
    Given Up (Live from Carnivores Tour 2014) (3:24)
    Guilty All The Same (Live from Carnivores Tour 2014) (6:13)
    In The End (Montreal Canada - Aug 23 2014) (2:23)
    Mike Solo (Montreal Canada - Aug 23 2014) (2:56)
    Numb (Montreal Canada - Aug 23 2014) (3:14)
    Waiting For The End (Live from Carnivores Tour 2014) (4:42)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare



    Don't Stay (Jimmy Kimmel 2003) (3:10)
    Easier To Run (LP Underground Tour 2003) (3:22)
    Faint (3:29)
    Faint (Jimmy Kimmel 2003) (2:47)
    Figure.09 (Live) (3:12)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare


    Leave Out All The Rest (Live) [Album Version Edit] (3:26) - slightly different, edited version of the LOATR (Live At Milton Keynes), it's exactly the same version, that was released on the digital version of LOATR single (1, 2).

    Download:  WAV: WeTransfer | Zippyshare, FLAC: WeTransfer | Zippyshare, M4A: WeTransfer | Zippyshare, MP3: WeTransfer | Zippyshare


    Leave Out All The Rest (RTR Live, Promo Version) (3:21) - slightly different mix, comparing to the version above, it was extracted from the promo video vob file

    Download: WAV: WeTransfer | Zippyshare, FLAC: WeTransfer | Zippyshare, MP3: WeTransfer | Zippyshare



    Darker Than Blood Intro (Mexico City 2015) (0:39)
    In My Remains (Acoustic) (Camden Summit 2012) (2:29)
    My December (Valley Center 2002) (4:34)
    Papercut (Monster Mash 2015) (3:21)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare



    Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo) (Home Video) (2:37)
    New Divide (Live) (5:30)
    Numb (Live Version) (3:13)
    Rolling In The Deep (Live) (4:24)
    Until It's Gone [Live In Milan 2014, Fan Footage] (4:04)
    Victemized/QWERTY (2:42)
    Waiting For The End [Live From The A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011] (4:05)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare



    Soundcheck Sessions: Live In Moscow

    Make It Up As I Go (Live In Moscow, 2018) (3:31)
    Crossing A Line (Live In Moscow, 2018) (4:03)
    Roads Untraveled (Live In Moscow, 2018) (3:55)
    In The End (Live In Moscow, 2018) (3:41)
    Numb (Live In Moscow, 2018) (3:20)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare


    Make It Up As I Go (Live Fan Footage) (3:30)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare

    Fort Minor:

    It' Goin' Down (Osaka 2006) (3:37)
    Where'd You Go (feat. Chester Bennington) (Osaka 2006) (2:22)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare


    Brad Delson:

    I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (UCLA 2009) (1:52)

    Download: WeTransfer | Zippyshare


    Enhanced category contains audio from videos that were released officially (for example Faint live video from Faint CD single, LOATR live video from LOATR single japanese version... etc.).


    Huge thanks for Lpliveusername & Biel.


    Thanks for the upload! A couple of questions if you don't mind, the "live from carnivores tour 2014" where they were recorded exactly? What about the numb and new divide, victimized and WFTE versions in the "other" categorie?

  2. 7 hours ago, Garret said:

    Honestly, the band fucked up by giving us a demo CD each year since LPU9. The reason I say that is because fans expect it so much every year. It was even more hyped than albums at some points within the fanbase. And people expected fully completed b-sides as all the tracks, even I’m guilty of it. They should have just told us all to suck it and kept on releasing the 6 track CD’s each year with a mix of tracks like studio songs, live and remix, whatever. Live wasn’t that bad. Would have been great to have after the DSP’s stopped too. LPU8 got hate because it was so different for the band to release something like it. Mike even said fans told him it was ‘’slap in the face’’ from the band. Even I didn’t like it back then. Hahninator either. Basically everyone hated it. But a year or so after it dropped and I actually grew to love LPU8, it was actually genius, and we still got what would have been a partial LPU8 on SFTU (My December from 2008, Hunger Strike, Crawling with Chris) and probably the LOATR remix would have been on a regular LPU8 too. And probably they would have just thrown a live We Made It on there or something else live from 2008 and called it a day. We all know that the band didn’t want to give us 10-12 demos each year because they didn’t like doing that but the fans were such dicks to them that they kind of had to. It’s why we never got the cream of the crop but did get some middle of the line stuff, I still don’t think the band wants to share demos to this day, look at WAYW. They could have maybe done LPU9 as like 6 demos of their biggest hits at the time (ITE, Numb, WID, ND, and 2 more) and then after LPU9 just did the normal LPU’s. I mean 2-3 years after Chester’s death and fans are still asking for the demo CD’s. Proves my point that they fucked themselves with it. 

    As far as the merch went since LPU9, mostly nobody ever cared, it was all about the demo CD only, another reason. Before that fans DID talk about the merch part of the LPU pack, a lot. 

    IMO, the golden years of the LPU were 1-7 as far as packages go and basically music too. The packages for 1-7 were great. And I loved how you were mailed a newsletter at the end of each year that had a ton of cool stuff and had a poster on the other side. That was epic. I loved having to order the package right when the online site went up and there was a bit of mystery until the package came in the mail. I know that’s just a sign of the times back then because social media and smart phones weren’t really a thing yet but still. Although Best Buy did start carrying those LPU boxes starting with LPU6. Still was cool. My friend actually worked at Best Buy at the time LPU6’s one dropped (the first one ever actually) and he somehow got one from the back room. We had the CD before even fansites had it by a few days. We listened to it at our work on the CD player we had there and cranked it up. Was awesome. LPU7 has a newsletter too but you had to order it and it was a small booklet , different from the poster ones. Still was epic though, I love that LPU7 booklet, still have it. LPU8 had that digital one in 2009 so it was lame. And the packages after LPU8 were always kind of blah. It’s not just cuz it was the end of the MTM era, I know that’s what everyone will think as to why I say that. But the packages did get boring to me and the designs were kind of crap. The quality of the shirts also went down a lot. I remember the LPU12 shirt was basically destroyed after a few washes, where as I still wear the ones from 1-8 to this day actually. 

    I 100% agree with you. As we know the perfectionist attitude of the band, I guess that, since the unfair rage of the LPU8, they felt ashamed of showing us demos. Stuff that we, as fans, we crave for it, but they obviously think "we don't want you to look our skeletons in the closet, we don't feel proud of them". That's why they even edit demos just before it's release and most of them weren't worth to be listened to (That doesn't mean that I hate every demo, I love some tracks like Aubrey One, but you get the point). For me, the LPU2-6 format was the best. Quality over quantity. Although what I missed the most was the exclusive live tracks (not DSPs like LPU7 or some CD singles of that era)

  3. Hi guys, I recently bought in Google Play the "Minutes to Midnight Deluxe Edition" because it contains the same bonus tracks as the Circuit City Edition (Faint and WID), which you can also stream on Spotify. Despite Google oblied me to buy the whole record and not just those two songs, I bought it because they are the only ones I didn't have yet. The problem is I actually can't download any song in any format. Like Spotify, when you download something, it's not in the traditional sense, but to stream it even without internet signal. Do you guys know any method to REALLY rip it from my phone to actual audio files?

  4. 7 hours ago, martinez said:


    I'm doing it like this:

    step1 - I'm using "DVD shrink" program to extract video from which I want to extract the audio, whatever that be a music video, a full concert with chapters or dvd menu. All extracted files comes with a *.info files that I later use for step 2.

    step2 - by program called "PgcDemux" I'm opening *.info files to extract the audio. By this program you can extract any kind of audio that's embended in vob file: PCM (WAV), AC3, DTS

    I already checked almost all DVDs from entire band's official discography (including live concerts, DVD singles, DVD making of etc.) and only 3 or 4 of them had PCM (WAV) audio in it.

    Thanks man! Perhaps I'll try it by my own. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Astat said:


    Fallout/Roads Untraveled was either completely tape or Mike might have done the vocoder vocals from offstage like he used to do with The Requiem.


    Mike played guitar on the live version of Tinfoil, btw.


  6. Hi guys, just a quick question about Fallout/Talking to myself. I've always had a certain doubt regarding to this intro. Was actually played like Fallout on 2010-11, when Mike played keys and vocoder, or was it a taped intro like Tinfoil back in 2012, for example? Thanks!

  7. On 10/1/2019 at 4:55 PM, Hahninator said:

    The Best Buy/Circuit City What I've Done are different.

    Here is what I have:



    AOL Sessions:
    What I've Done
    No More Sorrow
    MISSING: Given Up (Where was it released?) [Minutes To Midnight Best Buy MVI Disc? If so, I for some reason don't have Given Up]


    What I've Done
    Breaking the Habit


    Third Encore:
    No More Sorrow
    Given Up (Censored)
    MISSING: What I've Done (Where was it released? Germany iTunes and Google Store? If so, I don't have this)


    Circuit City:
    What I've Done


    Need audio rips from the video for:
    (If someone just wanted to post straight audio rips for these so I can sort them into folders, since I have never ripped them)


    Best Buy:
    What I've Done


    All 5 songs


    All 5 songs


    AT&T Blue Room:
    What I've Done


    AOL Sessions:
    All 6 songs

    Stripped: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hd0pp7k91a9z8bs/Live_Stripped_Music_Performance_2007.zip/file

    Wal-Mart: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ecwqlfjonigq97b/Live_Wal-Mart_Soundcheck_Performance_2007.zip/file

    AOL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dz3h6iaq8il989t/Live_AOL_Sessions_2007.zip/file

  8. 1 hour ago, martinez said:

    I don't know why I did not noticed that until now but WID live from live single available only in Germany is the same version like WID live on the MTM BestBuy edition, so because of the site's rules (of not posting download links to official materials) we can't actually post a download link to WID live because it is available for purchase (even in lossless WAV). Sorry.

    Then, the Given Up and NMS that where released on CD also are from the same show? Or those two are from a complete different performance?

  9. 1 hour ago, lpliveusername said:

    Is it the actual file from iTunes or did you rip it from some video?

    I personally ripped off from a Youtube video, but I've always thought that the itunes version might had the same audio quality as the two other tracks that were released on physical format, that's why I asked for it 

  10. On 6/26/2019 at 4:56 PM, LPLStaff said:


    They were confirmed to headline Download 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. March 24, 2018.


    edit: This was confirmed by Andy Copping, the Download promoter, in an interview where he discussed Chester and LP. I've always wondered if we should add a 2018 page with that date, but it'd be the only one on there.

    I've always wondered why you didn't end up writing a 2017 tour summary. I guess that after Chester's passing it wasn't easy to do, but I've always thought that it would be interesting and also useful in terms of bootleg guide. In any case, great job with the other ones guys