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  1. Hi guys, I want to discuss something that has been around my mind since I listened this album. I won't lie, I'm not the biggest OML fan, but I decided to give a chance to this release, despite it doesn't include any of my favorite tracks of their setlist back then. But I realized that the sound was pretty weak, specially on old songs like Numb or In The End. I know there are their poppier songs, but they lack of any kind of aggression, I can barely hear guitars on Numb, for example. It reminds me to the DSP of some years, where the songs sounded too soft for me (but I really appreciate the effort that the band made back then). I'm other words, it gaves me the feeling that they just simply throw us some recordings from the mixing desk, and not a proper live album. But if that would be the case, I 100% understand it, because of the context where it was released. Or perhaps this awful mix was conscious to match the soft tone of the newer tracks. I don't know, what do you guys think?

  2. The 6 song, you're probably thinking of AndOne's Rock AM Ring 2014 EP that he put out. I think this FM version was 14 songs.


    The rips we have for Rock AM Ring 2014 are EXTREMELY low in volume to the point you can barely hear the music. I like my music to be loud like you would get it if you bought it from a store. I hate when people upload super quiet low volume live shit. Don't even bother uploading it if it's like that IMO, I'll just delete it right away if it's like that. But yeah the 14 track FM version is probably cool. Probably better volume. I don't have it.

    On those cases what I do is to add a couple of Decibels until it's loud enough

  3. Hi guys, I know I don't post much over here, but I'm sure you can help me, I'd like to know what tuning used LP to record Hybrid Theory. I'm bassist and as I don't have any partitures/tablatures, I have to figure it out by ear, so knowing the tuning would be such a great help. Thanks!

  4. I hope there isn't any Fort Minor shit in the new set. I want to see motherfuckin' Linkin Park. And I am sick of RTN and Welcome especially.

    And also drop off Burn It Down, I fucking hate that song...