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  1. Couple of things that are interesting about this is that for a long time we had the impression that the Xero cassette was a master for those songs and there was no digital master. The fact that there’s a DAT (which was accepted as a legitimate master format at that time) means that the info we had was either incorrect or half-true or alternatively someone thought enough to transfer what was probably a relativity new cassette at the time to a digital lossless format, which makes sense if these songs were getting heard by industry folks. I’d bet that the Xero songs on the HT box are sourced from
  2. I’m slightly inclined to agree with you, but there’s some things I question. One would be that it looks like your using NTSC aspect ratio, whereas the master source being from a German station is probably PAL. On top is that the HD rebroadcast that exists at 720, which means that the station either has a higher quality source to work from, or already upscaled from their master. The modern Doctor Who releases (up to Series 5) come to mind. The source is PAL 720x576. While the Blu-Ray upscales to 1080, the US DVD release has to downscale to 720x480.
  3. My feelings are the DVDs in the boxset are less to do with a decision about quality and more to do with making them more universally accessible. Those of us here specifically might be better versed in the technology and quality differences, but I think a lot of the buying public stuff can’t play BluRay or doesn’t understand it’s benefits, so Warner doesn’t want to lose sales in that domain. I’ve worked in retail where movies are sold, and one example was a customer who didn’t want to buy a combo pack of Star Wars with BR, DVD, and digital download that was cheaper than the standalo
  4. Mike seemed to hint at stuff being available outside the box on the initial stream when "She Couldn't" came out. I don't know if that would be an iTunes thing or a YouTube type thing. One thing I hope is that any video stuff that might get released outside the box take advantage of being HD, where possible. There's been HD rebroadcasts of Rock am Ring, but I think 60% of media sales are still DVD versus BluRay (I still know people who can't play them) and probably would keep the cost of the box down. Digital's a little easier in dealing with that. The fact that the ATS documentary
  5. Does anyone know if signing up for the Digital LPU Membership nets you the 20% for the Deluxe Box? I’m down to spend $10 to $40 off the tag price. That’s still $30 you’d save.
  6. If it is two sides, then no problem at all. Missing the instrumental hidden track would be the worst option, but then they could actually do the static of Part of Me as an inner groove loop.
  7. Vinyl is such a big draw for me, especially missing Reanimation, that I’m trying to decide if the deluxe is worth it verses the vinyl boxset, and then seeing if the demos hit something like HDTracks in October. The box looks amazing, but I have to consider how much I really value CDs. For me, it feels like a toss up between the EP at five exclusive songs (given “Step Up” shows up on both) versus ten, with some of the stuff that absolutely got me into the band via the In The End: Live & Rare EP. Though considering sacrificing “And One” in my collection feels pretty shitty lol.
  8. The sample issue on She Couldn’t is a Mos Def vocal sample. I think the sample on Pictureboard is the intro strings*, which show up in slightly altered form on I think track 5, or roughly 5 minutes into the Tasty Gas Station Breaks vinyl (which makes me wonder if they were altered between the Xero and Chester version of the song, but time will tell, I guess?). IDK that we ever figured out what they were, but it wasn’t uncommon then for Mike to sample artists like Bjork, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. We learned that from the MPC - I think even the “Sky” demo of Crawling featured Bjork strin
  9. Purely speculation on my part while we wait, but does anyone else think that the "Alt-2" and "Art-3" artwork could be mock ups for an official release of the 8-song demo? In regards to "Alt-3", everything is blurry, but I feel like the first track might be "untitled" (everything stylized in lowercase). It feels like that tracklist matches what could possibly be there (if track two is "super xero,” as two words, and not "superxero"). The last track looks like it could easily be "and one." Where "points and authority" and "part of me" are look a little off, but the rest I think could
  10. What I meant was that I wonder if that was an actual accident and Mike is riffing off of it now, or Mike knew then that this was the rollout for the 20th and that was kind of the first tease of what was to come. If so, if there's anything in the livestream that could provide answers. But it's more likely the first. Coizu's theory of how the thing works seems like it makes the most sense it and it might be more straightforward than I'm suggesting. My Catalyst single/Nine Inch Nails Year Zero/ARG brain is on, so I'm like pointing out and poking at things that feel potentially relevan
  11. The warm theme is pretty interesting. A lot of this graphic design feels like old school Frank Maddocks stuff. My early speculations are that Mike's reg key is going to be potentially important in the future and that Solitaire could be trying to tease something, seeing as how it doesn't seem to work (unless I'm doing something wrong?). That's a number-letter combo - potential password? Throwing this stuff out in case any of it actually takes in the future. Doesn't seem like a lot is actually available yet. The first picture in the trash seems to say "4-Song EP" and we h
  12. Thank you so much for linking to these. I love this. The first one especially is so sick; it kind of feels like a modern approach to a Meteora track to me. I messed with this approach in some of my own stuff, it’s awesome to see how Mike comes at it.
  13. I’m glad I mentioned something just to find out about that because that’s sick and I want to go back and watch it. Not to take it too far off topic, but there’s big community of cassette artists on IG and even Alessandro from NIN has been utilizing a four track. It’s exciting to know Mike has done similar stuff.
  14. Thanks for the heads up; scratch my theory then. I've watched several of streams, but not all of them. I must have missed him talking about it. I've gotta go back and find that.
  15. This is TOTAL speculation, but this feels like the right spot for it. I’ve recently noticed beyond the digital stuff that Mike seems to have a Tascam 4 Track deck on his desk near the patch bay. I’ve never heard of him utilizing it for anything new before, so if I had to guess, it’s hooked up to transfer old material from cassette - maybe stuff that never had a digital master? Could be nothing, but also could be something.
  16. Show is February 01, 2001 Canes Bar and Grill San Diego, CA Setlist: With You Runaway Papercut By Myself Points of Authority (featuring Styles of Beyond) High Voltage Crawling Pushing Me Away And One In the End A Place for My Head (featuring Stephen Richards of Taproot) Forgotten One Step Closer (with “Falling Down” intro)
  17. Director PODENCO has posted behind the scenes footage of the making of Mike's "Make It Up As I Go" music video on his Vimeo account.
  18. How about the demo bleeding into the click track on ITE? That's a fun find.
  19. Yes, it is specifically the demo version. Is this the first time a demo version of a song has leaked as a multitrack?
  20. Just musing on the multitracks a little now that "Papercut" is in the wild: It's been really great with the HT stuff coming out to dig in and break down these songs. That was my like first favorite album. I generally credit Mike (and co.) for setting off my interest in audio when I was a kid which eventually lead to a degree in audio. It's really an awesome opportunity to be able to come back and hear the multitracks for HT stuff after so long given that kind of significance - I would never have imagined that as a reality years ago. What I'm wondering/kind of putting the call out f
  21. Feeling like the old guy here being, but Meteora leaked. I remember being unable to pick it up on release day and being upset, but I had definitely heard the album prior to that day. I forget when, but it couldn't have been too early. It was after the Nottingham show, so sometimes between the March 3rd and March 25th. Probably within the same week. Reanimation goes at tiny bit too far back for me to remember if it leaked in full. I think yes. But several tracks got leaked early, with the remix of Ppr:Kut getting radio play here in New York on KRock before the release date. I remember Enth
  22. Happy Birthday! Thrilled to hear this exists. I remember when this and R&R Hall of Fame was coming on MTV2 all the time in '02. I feel old as fuck now! It's great to hear this exists in its entirety. I've always had a soft spot for Docklands. I love when little things like this pop up.
  23. I posed what I posted just to have it be seen. This is a live guide and the information I provided will help make it more comprehensive. Honestly, it's just always bugged me more than normal because it was not only my first LP show but my first show ever. That's obviously a personal thing though, and in the grand scheme, it's just another show, but this seemed like an okay place to mention it.