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  1. I'll give it a try Edit: I tried - there's no m3u8 file - nothing that can help. I used TubeDigger, the video started but was unable do Record/DL anything. DirecTV on demand uses their personal player... so, I think the stream is encrypted. In the end, for me is a waste of time, or maybe for anybody. I ensure that the VoDrip v2 is the best thing out there so far, unless anybody from U.S. is able to transfer a DVR copy to PC or make a screen recording using Windows Media Encoder. It's a waste of time, unfortunately !!!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm broke right now or in the next 2-6 months Edit: at one point when I was trying to make a WEB-DL of this, I managed to save a file with the source info of the VOD... I saw in the INFO two links different from what I've accessed through DirecTV website. I tried my best, but no success. Anybody know if we can make a WEB-DL with those links ? I used at one point HDS Link Detector, but as I've mentioned before, there was no success.
  3. Again, LP's GCS performance is on Audience Channel HD 239, Monday, December 29th at 7.00 a.m. EST, and Friday, January 2nd at 6.30 a.m. EST. So, we need someone from the people that record shows on daily basis (like a Scene Release Group - one of those who release daily TV shows)... We need someone with a hardware capable of recording from DVR and transfering to PC. Com'on Santa, make us happy!
  4. No, the broadcast was as the VoDrip is (Hahninator can confirm it)... only improvements are Video quality and Audio volume higher or not.
  5. Coming up in a couple of hours with VoDRip v2 720p with the audio as good as we can get from VoD. I think that from outside U.S. this is the best anyone can do with this stream. This time there are no glitches! After searching and testing at least 7 Screen Recorders I finally came across Windows Media Encoder that, for the first time recorded flawless everything I was seeing, except a couple of low FR here and there for 2-3 seconds, but there's no biggie, actually the recording was done at 29.97 fps, any problems that the stream encountered was done by the buffer itself (but is far superior quality A/V than v1 in any way possible - and right now I can really say that from outside U.S. we can't get any better than this - I know what I'm saying!) and the low volume sound, that the VOD has, but it's great! Editing... So, if we can't get a DVR recording out, I recommend that Hahninator or any other U.S. resident to use Windows Media Encoder (it does a very good job, remember a few posts back I said that using a Screen Recorder is less quality than a WEB-DL, well, I was thinking very seriously to label the v2 release as WEB-DL, but I didn't do that because of the stream going sometimes down to 240p, but if the stream goes flawless in U.S. as it should be, you can use WME no problem and label it WEB-DL!). Edit 1: enjoy! Copy + Paste the full link! Gonna sleep two days https://mega.co.nz/#!b9Y0kSZB!AXThnTyUNqz246hD-Wq9X-wcqdCr4UZJ4i4YyDWi6IU Edit 2: maybe someone can/will upload it to Lp-bits, so others may take it and I'll improve my ratio Edit 3: if anybody gonna use Windows Media Encoder, you have to work with the cropping from "video size" tab. I used as it follows: New "Custom sessions" -> Sources tab (Audio - "stereo mix") -> Output tab (check "Archive to file" - create a new filename.wmv) -> Compression tab (Destination "File download <<computer playback>>), Video ("High definition quality video - 5 mbps VBR), Audio ("High definition quality audio CBR) -> Edit tab (Video CBR), Video size tab (crop "custom" top 12, bottom 12), for my computer screen that has an aspect ratio of 16:10 (1.6), so the program does not record the black bars - only the video).
  6. Searching things on the net a crossed about connecting PC with DVR via HDMI or S-Video (the last one seemed to be most successful, although the video quality is limited at about 400p (no HD), . I'll search, meanwhile, I have to not let my cooking burn Edit. I also read (I think) about enabling that USB port to transfer on memory stick. Edit 2. USB stick must be capable of speeds > 10 MBbit/s and must have at least some 32 GB capacity. Format stick FAT32 or TV's format. http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/iManuals/eng/HX72x/ft_usbrec_europe.html You need the following three things to record the tv on the external Hard drive:- USB Recording: A HDTV that supports recording. A USB HDD: FlatpanelsHD uses a USB HDD from Transcend. Digital channels: Recording is only enabled on digital channels – not analog. You can record SD, HD and 3D. HOW TO SET UP USB RECORDING Once you have purchased a USB hard drive and connected it on the back of the TV you can move on to “pairing” the USB HDD with the TV. Here is how to set up USB recording. "Connect the USB HDD to a free USB port on the back of the TV. The USB hard drive now needs to be formatted (all data will be deleted). Most TVs help you to format the USB HDD automatically but on some models you need to enter the menu and select format HDD (or something similar)." DVR -> HDMI -> PC (what DVR do you have ? maybe we got the direct answers, although I didn't find any positive one: 99% of the answers involve a 3rd party hardware that costs some money ) So we have S-Video thing: http://www.ambery.com/usb20avvicav.html Fingers crossed!
  7. Searching things on the net a crossed about connecting PC with DVR via HDMI. I'll search, meanwhile, I have to not let my cooking burn Edit. I also read (I think) about enabling that USB port to transfer on memory stick.
  8. Good luck! Jordan Firari from LPL FB page said that he recorded the broadcast the VOD this morning and it seemed to me that he knew what the BIG problem may be, so you're not alone in this. Fingers crossed! Edit 1. I was wondering that perhaps you have a TV that has a USB port for memory sticks and so on that enables you to record the show from TV as it plays from DVR.
  9. Yes, I've noticed that... Firefox sucks big time
  10. Let's see - transfering show from DVR to PC (it should work easily if the DVR got USB port - basically), so you connect a USB memory stick and using the remote control of the DVR you copy it to the stick, but this is the best case scenario. I'll quote some things I'll find on the internet. "Access your drive on the DVR by selecting "MENU", "MultiMedia" and "My Media" then either "Recordings Transfer" or "External Hard Drive." (Which appears depends on your model.) Select "Send to Device," then select the recording or recordings you want to transfer, then finally select "To Archive." "External Hard Drive If you can upgrade your DVR to recognize external devices then your best bet is to connect your TV to your computer via cable and then connect your computer to a USB external hard drive. An external hard drive is a portable device that holds large amounts of storage but is connected to a USB port rather than being installed inside the computer. An external hard drive is essential to recording TV shows to your computer because your built-in hard drive will quickly be filled up with all of your TV shows. With an external hard drive, you can set the DVR to save the TV files directly to a specific folder so that it bypasses your internal hard drives altogether. TV Tuner Card A TV tuner card is probably one of the easiest ways to record TV shows to your computer. A TV tuner card allows you to simply plug your television cable into the device and then it automatically converts the incoming television signals into file formats that your computer can understand. To avoid the complex installment requirements, you would be much better off to buy an external TV tuner card. Many TV tuner cards also serve as recording devices but if not, you can use any one of the following services to record TV shows to your PC and manage them afterwards." Can you connect the TV to your PC and use something to record it ? If all of the things don't work I assume that the DVR has an usual HDD in it so I'll open the case, take the HDD out, connect it to a PC and should (basically) be able to copy it to computer, but the HDD may not have the connections a PC HDD have. I read the fact that the recording is encrypted so you are not able to watch it other than TV from DVR, although a lot of people suggest this kind of products http://hauppauge.com/site/products/data_hdpvr.htmlfor HD recording. Any chances of having a Smart TV? If yes, I think you can play the show from DVR and record it from TV with a USB memory Stick. Some people recorded shows using DVD recorders connected to DVR. http://www.thisishowyoudoit.com/dvr-computer-record-transfer-movie-show/ Use the full first link... copy+paste all of it, not only the blue part!
  11. I read about this as a screen recorder (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html). You can give it a try. Also, I was unable to make work a HDS Link Detector for Firefox (it's an AddOn) to try a WEB-DL, but since you say that the show get's full buffering on your side, you can give it a try (basically you Enable it and play the stream and should appear a link from which you can download it - basically). I had to reinstall my Windows 'cause as I've said, the proxy software used to be able to watch the U.S. stream messed up, (but really f***ed it) my Internet Connection.
  12. Dude, thank you for giving me the chance to do something (tried Chrome, Firefox, IE, the last two did not manage to get along with my proxy hacker).... I started trying to do a WEB-DL, did not work, after using some software that (if this will not work, nothing will) I read on the internet. After that I tried SRecorder among others that had limited recording time... for initial test worked fine (although you have to make sure the sound is recorded)... I recorded all of it to find out that the file that was > 5 GB did not played video and the audio was a mess... I don't know how good the VOD works in U.S. but here the bitrate was oscillating alot 240p - 720p... and I can tell that my PC may not be the problem ( I saw Rock Am Ring with no problem/glitches and stuff)... I think it was the upload from U.S. to my house. All in all, from my point of view, I can't to better than that... I only can help you find/recommend the best tools to record it by yourself, because the stream won't help me. I can try tomorrow to record it again to see if I can get any improvements. Thank you again for your kindness! Coming up with a link. Update: all this from Romania Edit2: perhaps worked just on your iPhone, 'cause I was using the computer of the account. Edit 3: 1st I'd like to thank Hahninator for giving me a chance on it and trusting me. There were some glitches in the stream , that took ~ 0.5- 1.5 seconds for every song mentioned with "glitches". My Internet connection is damn good, but, there were a couple of things that may contribute to those glitches (U.S. servers -> Romania, proxy hacker, SRecorder, etc). Also, I did not edit the video 'cause Movie Maker won't let me so the video is as bulk as it gets (10 seconds extra stuff). I noticed that the video editing of the show was very nice worked. Also, I like the crowd volume sound mixed in. The interview was damn great - kinda MTV's The Ride ! I recommend using Google Chrome downloading from Mega. I still hope that Hahninator has better luck than me recording it and I still hope that someone will manage to record the TV broadcast on 18th December (already is "tomorrow" for me) at 7.30 a.m. EST on Audience Channel 239. Last but not least, take it or leave it, by far it's not the best recording out there, but for those curios as I am, it'll do the job for now, 'til a greater quality surfaces. Mashup intro #2 (shortened) GATS - glitches Points -glitches OSC Interview---- Blackout Papercut Rebellion - glitches Interview---- Robot boy Joe solo medley Final masquerade - glitches Mike solo medley (intro cut) Numb ("get em Chester", first time I've ever heard that) In the end (mike on guitar) Faint -glitches Interview---- Crawling With you rap Until it's gone Bleed it out - glitches Interview---- One of them two should work, if the size of > 5 GB won't matter for Mega. Apparently my proxy hacker screwed my computer a bit ) https://mega.co.nz/#!LswiUQQa!l6Xr4ql40HQ151_qEcDyU-shMBsX2mesdcDrm5do0rY
  13. I use Hola Better Internet for Chrome so I choose from which country I want to see content. 99% I had no problem seeing content from U.S. If you trust me, I can try with your DirecTV account. I'm telling you that you have to believe me when I say that you can trust me! I'm from Romania. Update 1. I found this, so you can try it by yourself: "3. How do you capture webcasts? I use a couple of different tools, depending on how the stream works. The tools I use (which should cover all possible bases) are: ffmpeg, youtube-dl, AdobeHDS.php (+HDS Link Detector), RTMPDump (+RTMPDumpHelper), and Hola Unblocker for proxying as well as URL Snooper and HiDownload as general backup tools. " Update 2. You can use a screen recorder. If you have problems using Update 1 , I'll look forward in helping you with Update 2. Notice that Update 2 is lower quality than Update 1.
  14. Abel from LPA said 5 days ago "Finally got a chance to finish this tonight. I had to re-record the episode since my previous record for some reason stopped around the 1 hour mark. Fantastic performance from the band and the Harcourt interview segments with Mike and Chester were awesome." No answer on that - link for a recording yet The episode airs tomorrow morning (18th December) at 7.30 a.m. ET on Audience Channel 239
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