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  1. X-cutioners! and chester was a huge fan of 21 pilots maybe that leed singer.
  2. Got my ticket for section J2. And if there will be a LPA/LPL meet up ill be there! Coming all over from Holland!
  3. I said the excact same thing..... ok.... like, take a day off? and go to work again the day after?
  4. I'm just like, "Now what...". Like a big anti-climax. I think all we can do now is just take a step back and the official channels do its work. Give everyone some space, and bring up some memories.
  5. My body still doesn't believe it. I'm here drinking some tea with my GF. And all I can think is basically "now what". Just that,,, is that just BAM like that 17 years ending.... And look at that photo under this post, he's smiling in the studio. I have seen Chester twice this year's and freaking laughed my ass of on the promo tour. Just, Now What..... This site slowly fades? LPA slowly fades? LPU slowly fades? Our friendship slowly fades? I don't know....
  6. any decent rumors or idea's about a EU Summit? It's been a while and im 90% sure there will be one.
  7. well, lets not get ahead of it. Even though, amsterdam is good spot for it.
  8. oh yeah i dont really care for festival shows anyway.Just hoping for some LP onyl shows. Paris or Cologne
  9. Does anyone know if LP will add more shows to the european tour? Because if not i really need to buy tix for the polish show! One hell of a roadtrip from the netherlands then.
  10. Fort Minor has been removed from the list. So i think we should forget about it
  11. yeah im going ofcourse! FUN NOTE: http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/352152/Lin...pop-2012-bekend check mainstage it says Fort Minor will be there THIS IS A MISTAKE OFCOURSE!!! DONT RUMOUR AROUND!!! uhm.... wow. Make that fort minor thing a rumour.... Just did read on a other site that Mart Smeets (founder of Pinkpop) might be still in conctact of booking with some bands like, Five Finger Death Punch and Fort Minor. I cant say its fake NOR real. Lets keep it as a weird rumour.
  12. It's hard too choose but maybe Crawl Back In, Cause its about wanna be something else that you are and sometimes you need too lie for it.
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