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  1. I really want to like this song but the hey hey hey hey thing is annoying to me...I also would like to know when I'm getting this download email so I can listen through headphones and make my final judgement...has anyone else not gotten their email yet?
  2. I still havnt gotten my email
  3. anyone else notice how the clip of W&K is about 30 seconds long...30 second snippets coming soon anyone? I hope.
  4. Ok, ummm can I get a link to her Ustream plz? I don't know what it is. Thanks!
  5. from that new 30 second itunes clip it sounds like this song was heavily butchered for the trailer...so everyone should just shut up til tomorrow
  6. i really like it and i really like mike's voice...im excited to hear him sing more on this album
  7. finally got to hear it, for the people who cant get it working, try a different web browser...i switched over to google chrome and it worked perfectly
  8. nothing is working for me, can someone rip this? not sure what im doing wrong, oh well, i guess i'll wait
  9. ??? All i got was a black screen
  10. it really doesnt look like we're that close to finishing this...like not even half way
  11. this looks awesome, cant wait
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