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  1. What's the URL to open it in Winamp?
  2. Alodia

    Sept 21 News

    I don't like your new concept of posting news at all. It was always a good thing to check the site a few times a day for new informations but if you only post things every 2 days it's not worth to hit 'Refresh' all the time.
  3. You got a typo right in that link. It has to be http://www.lpassociation.com/ and not http://www.lpassosiation.com/. ^.^ Awesome review, I can agree to most of the mentioned aspects.
  4. When They Come For Me. Every time I listen to the song, I transform to Donkey Kong!
  5. I hate Mike singing.. awful. But the song is okay.
  6. The stream is 40 kbps? Isn't there a higher quality available?
  7. Or maybe if you rotate the picture?
  8. I think more clarity is impossible.
  9. https://twitter.com/phoenixlp/status/16185270207
  10. I hope they cut out the weird intro.
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