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  1. We must find that Summer Sanitarium episode in higher quality and rip the audio and seperate the backround noise in a separate track !
  2. If you seperate the audio from that segment and hear only the instrumental you can hear harmonizing in the song but its quiet low.
  3. I always wondered if the meteora remixes involved xzibit and snoop dogg in a song or two.
  4. I tried to make stems of it and you cannot hear jaimes voice at all. Such a shame it was either mixed badly or they just used his name to get buzz for the track or extra listens. By the way , what program did you use for vocal remover?
  5. Did the disk come with a booklet with song notes? Like info on the tracks
  6. Is it just me or does rhinocerous sound a bit unmixed? maybe its my headphones lol
  7. Took me awhile but i did it! Here goes many meteora songs/demos i found on LPTV from 2003.. i tried my best to make the quality seem better to and make the songs as clear as possible. people havent really talked bout these but let me know what u think http://www.mediafire.com/download/gk6iaovh...+lptv+demos.rar NOTE: SOME are loud
  8. Anyone ever seen that Linkin park Numb parody some comedy show made? lol its not that bad
  9. anything from 2002 or 2003 that was made! when they still had that fresh timeless sound
  10. Its Resolution, you see the S in the word after the E.. So now im 100% sure its Resolution and yes thats Plaster II Lets keep trying to figure out the rest
  11. The track name under Shifter is "Softcut" Softcut means "Short dissolve of one to four frames . Sounds like something Mike would use as a song title since hes very complex and educated with his words
  12. So today i was watching making of meteora and i noticed some song titles in the back of chesters head in a board in white notes, it happens somewhere in the 13 minute but after analyzing and using effetcs to bet a better glimps some of the titles were Sick Faint Rewritten Horsary Session Figure 9 Nocturnal Shifter Softcut Mamia II and possibly "Somewhere" can somebody helps me figure out the rest also help me verify this,just want to make sure i not the only one who can analyze it, Beware you gotta add sharpening effects to see it a bit clearer
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