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  1. I can't understand how they ended with what i've done.As i know they always start with blast songs then in the middle they break down and for the end comes the huge headbang:P Anyway have fun to the show!!!And dont post every song,we can wait.Enjoy every milisecond cauz its gonna be the best of your lifee!!!!
  2. POA is like Papercut's little brother you know,all those years there were so close:P I miss POA but with Papercut im good!
  3. Still can't believe they played Papercut!!!!!
  4. I doubt for No roads left,i think the band said its really hard to perform it live so i wouldn't expecting it.A Papercut would be great:P
  5. I have to agree with loxias about brad,he plays really simple staff,i hope the new album will have more 'energy' by him so his name will clear:P
  6. Chester's voice getting better over the years,that's obvious.So much progress and maturing.It's like a good whine:P.Now about the screaming part i can't complain it's a masterpiece.Maybe the new cd won't have "heavy" songs but i think he will find some parts to fit a scream,that's what he eventually do:).I find ReactNow Let Down pretty cool about its year,good energy on it,plus it wasn't "completed" then so we wouldn't expect much.
  7. Happy BDay:D i think i helped about that cover:P
  8. yeah dude that would be awesome:) let's see!
  9. oh man what the fuck!who are they?they are supposed to be the secret band?
  10. yeah they did and im thinking about the history that kroq have with linkin park and starting to getting crazy with the possibility;p
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