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  1. Crist I remember back in the day when just finding Phoenix Mason Jar 2000 and KROQ X-Mas 2000 and 2001s in any type of video was the holy grail, lol
  2. Yes I do I was never phsyically on the LPU but I had contacts that posted my stuff on the LPU and a lot of people on there knew me.
  3. hahahahahaha whatsup bro long time, I actually messages a dood that had your same login MSN name and I said something off the wall to him and he paused like I was nuts. Then I realized it wasn't your ROFL.
  4. ahh I see, I was gonna say cause I basically pre-date just about every Linkin Park trader out there.
  5. The ironic part about this song is for the most part Chester is singing Cornells part and Cornell is singing Vedders part, but if the poster above me is talking about Chester I think he hit it quite well, as for Cornell he is terrible now ( cause he sang with vocal nodes for like 2 years, you can tell the most in the Audioslave live in Cuba DVD ) but if you heard him in his hayday you would eat those words.
  6. Honestly I find it a little disturbing that Slash is playing lead over Satriani rofl, I mean really.
  7. I am the creator of the-untitled.tk, the person who helped leak exclusives to crewdy, energy, thelinkinsix and LPAs site. I helped create LPR@RE on IRC. Was a contributor to readingmyeyes.vze.com. I helped get a newb then Hahninator into trading and updated Omar Osatchs liveguide which is the very basis of which this site was created on. I am also on the creditors on the sites homepage . Went by Th30racl3 and Ru551anR0ck3t
  8. Hello all, half of you probably don't even remember me but most of the staff should rofl. as for hahninator all I have to say to you sir is BRB If this post kinda looks like I'm stoned or on acid you don't know me very well I am extremely random.