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  1. papercut is back!!!! well, i didn't expect a twenty something songs tracklist as the band has said that they would have shorter setlist. i am glad that there is no robot boy. that song really disturbs me XD
  2. the rappin is great, i've never heard mike rapping in this style. mike tried so hard to rap differently in the new album. but i think he failed. however, he succeeded in this track thus this is the only good rapping trackin ATS in my opinion. the lyrics means a lot to me. actually, i only like half of the songs in the album. this one is undoubtly the best. this song cuts deeply into my heart like nine inch nails's songs such as ''sunspots'', ''The Day the World Went Away'' and ''The Line Begins to Blur'' etc. but in different ways
  3. it's hard to choose. actually, i think that W&K, blackout, robot boy and also when they come for me are all no good:(
  4. i listened to it briefly today. it really waste my time away!!! .\/. man, the album totally suks! it isn't a rock album! i found that mike's voice really really disturbs me. this is surely a FORT MINOR FEAT CHESTER & MR HAHN ALBUM, NOT LINKIN PARK! mike's singing and rapping piss chester away. (chester only 30% ) after reading the preview of ana few weeks ago, as she said that the style of this shit was like some bands and artists which i don't like (except muse), i started to worry some of the songs will sound bad. however, now i found that i dislike the WHOLE album. if they make some kind of album sounding like MTM, i dont mind, because i can still find their own style even most tracks sounds different from HT & M. but i found that the band have lost themselvesin this album. they didn't know what they were doing. also, mike lied, there are no heavy tracks but shitty tracks. in blackout, the soft instrumental and outro doesn't match the screamin at all. rappin in robot boy and W&K is disturbing and childish, i stopped them after half of the song. only catalyst and waiting for the end are good songs. i cant express how disappointed i am with linkin park. today is the worst day of my life lp totally fucked themselves up in this album. they'll probably lose lot of hardcore fans. i hope i will change my opinion after further listening to it...
  5. wow , best post ever! btw, i really love figure.09
  6. should be QWERTY, its rapping and screaming are pretty awesome among lp songs. the rapping are the most rhythmic in LP SONGS. the live version is also very energetic. however, it only appeared on songs from underground & LPU v6
  7. well, we already have many live songs including new divide in 2009 DSP. a new new divide live is totally unnecessary
  8. shit!! why do LP singles always contain only live tracks but no B-sides?!!!!!!! fuck LP!!! isn't creating new songs really that fucking hard for LP?!!! .\/.
  9. chester looks old i think he shouldn't have smoken. this destroys him
  10. hello, guys. i would like ask except the differences in versions of high voltage, what the charactaristics differences between 1999 and 2001 version of HT EP is. i ask this quetion because i cant find any information about it anywhere. thanks!
  11. i am looking forward to hearing the reading my eyes in 2008, the HHH the band sing with the choir in 2007, and also the faint/there they go mashup.
  12. honestly, i don't really like this song. i want fire to be their new single
  13. it's already been over a week, still 404 =.=
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