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  1. Looks cool! Hope the video is as awesome as the cover.
  2. Awesome! With the little break LP has from touring can't help but wonder what they might cook up. ATS b-side, or an old demo with new lyrics like Not Alone? Either way I hope they have something special. Also Not Alone was decent but if they do have a track for us I hope it's a more energetic and uplifting song! Let the speculation begin!
  3. I'd love to win tickets to the Atlanta show. I have never seen LP live yet. Every chance I had something came up. Was going to go this year but Christmas and bills got in the way! XD *Fingers crossed*!
  4. Really loved the CD. I now have ATS and LPUX. I believe I'll be content for a while now.
  5. Great episode! Jump rope FTW!
  6. Wow... these hints are killing me...
  7. Sweet! Next up fake download links!
  8. Glad to see The Messagener. I enjoyed the song on the album but the live version is so much better.
  9. Into You FTW. This song makes me think of all the rough times my wife and I have been thourgh. After moving from one home to another, money problems, fights that we never intended to aim at each other, and the loss of our 6 month old daughter. I/we know that we have one another to fall into when the pain of the past haunts us from time to time... So yeah love this song... Thank you DBS for an awesome album!
  10. You can buy Blackbirds on iTunes without buying the whole Deluxe version of ATS. I did and it's pretty much the same song but better quality.
  11. Wow... $60? Ouch! I really want to hear "Pretend to be" but I don't think I can afford this at the moment... Maybe I'll hear the song later on... I'm sure it's for a good reason but I have kids to take care of first. I don't want to download the song ilegely or anything but I may need to this time around.
  12. Wilderness wins the internetz! Can't wait to hear how the albums songs flow together. At this point I'm ignoring track numbers and times. I'm ready to hear "A Thousand Suns".
  13. Also last I checked this morning "The Catalyst" is number 5 of all Linkin Park songs downloaded on iTunes as well.
  14. Everyone remember Nick's warning. Ban-Hammers are at the ready! I'm not risking anything this time.
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