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  1. it's source 1e of this show..
  2. You can see in the description of the video which songs were played in the broadcast... and the songs are: given up & in the end..
  3. full show in youtube.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZpuTlnttRo
  4. more option for stream: 1. einsplus.de - Official stream 2. einsplus stream 2 3. einsplus stream 3
  5. Someone working really fast ... (by linkinparkpoland & AndyCooL) Linkin Park - Wastelands (Live at Rock In Rio 2014) Linkin park - burn it down numb in the end
  6. The Hunting Party 06.14 = show in Download festival??
  7. Now you can understand why the sound of the show wasn't strong ... Listen to the winds ....
  8. burn it down in amazon Original Release Date: April 16, 2012 Release Date: April 16, 2012 Label: Warner Bros. Copyright: 2012 Warner Bros. Records Inc. Duration: 3:51 minutes Genres: Alternative Rock listen to sample Source: Amazon.com and LP Association
  9. The main problem at first we did not hear (I was relatively close to the stage) Chester began to sing, No Woman No Cry. When Chester began to understand that the song he sang it was later that he began to sing the The Messenger.
  10. The second video ...: New Divide
  11. it's outdoor! But in Israel is not really a winter ... So do not worry
  12. Please fix ..: It's Yarkon Park and not HaYarkon Park
  13. I AM GOING..... After years of waiting ... We also finally get the Linkin Park ... We deserve
  14. Google Translate: 持 ち 上 げ て = Audio and lift bring 解 き 放 し て = Solving the release
  15. could some one invite me plz? *mail removed* Thanks
  16. the set of Dead By Sunrise: 1. Crawl Back In 2. Condemmed 3. Fire 4. Let Down 5. Inside Of Me 6. My Suffering 7. 21 Eyes
  17. Jared Leto twittter: " I woke up with golf balls for tonsils but the @Kroq acoustic xmass show must go on! If you are coming sing loud and help me out!"
  18. the correct lineup & set times!!!: 6:25pm – Dead By Sunrise 6:50pm – Three Days Grace 7:25pm – Anberlin 8:35pm – Alice In Chains 9:10pm – Rise Against 10:00pm – AFI undefined
  19. yes, but we want linkin park in isreal...........
  20. too bad... if they come to isreal...i report about 15 min. after the show
  21. when the show strat? (in israel time...)
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