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  1. I honestly like that there are some people who love it and some people who hate it. Because how boring would it be itf everyone loved it? All the comments would be exactly the same. I read the comments because I want to see the people who think differently of me. I havent even listened to it yet, im waiting for the album.
  2. I would LOVE to go to the LAser event show I live in LA and would be able to go
  3. I like how the song has a message, but isn't overly political like it could have been. I also like the speeches. It just adds this different feel to the song.
  4. I haven't written here in awhile. Just wanted to say this song is great I'm glad Linkin Park is such a good band, and that I'm a fan
  5. shut the hell up. shouldnt be writing shit wen u dont even know. do you know for sure it goes onto itunes before we get it? if so, then im wrong. if not, then shut up
  6. people need to calm down. We will still probably have the mp3 download while others will only be able to hear it on the radio. We will have the hq mp3 of it before it goes on itunes
  7. its good but not much for the lyrics. Its all repeated. Hope its missing some
  8. well we already heard some guitar in the clips, and it fits well with the song
  9. i like how it sounds. gotta stop listening tho, i dont want to play it out. i still want to be surprised
  10. so...is brad even still a member of LP?? lol
  11. This is good. If someone could add some nice guitar to it, i think itd be a winner
  12. i remember reading somewhere in here that ppl from lplive should vote for all of the entries that come from this community. i disagree only because i think people should vote for the one they think is the best, not just because it came from here. Anyway, I think im gonna tell my friend about this ( a girl). shes a really good singer. Might sound goood next to LP
  13. mvaug002

    Puzzle #2

    same here. i want it to come out quickly, but i dont want my first impression to be spoiled
  14. The radio DJ said that the song gets proggy at times. he never said that the whole album is proggy, nor would he know since he hasnt heard the whole album. HE was just making a small comment about a small part of the song. Maybe the whole album is proggy, but i just wanted to make sure people noticed that