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  1. Hybrid Theory: One Step Closer, With You, Crawling Reanimation: P5hng Me A*wy, 1Stp Klosr, Krwlng Meteora: Lying From You, Faint, From the Inside Minutes to Midnight: Given Up, What I've Done, No More Sorrow A Thousand Suns: Burning in the Skies, When They Come for Me, The Catalyst
  2. i totally like this setlist, what do you think, how large is the possibility that they play the same set in munich? i would totally freak out if they play fti
  3. hey guys, i've seen that there is a video source for this show: Source 1: Video - AUD (Digicam HD: Sony DSC-HX5VB) (Right Angle) Location: Right side, block 14, row 14 Taper: corri Time: 98 mins Format: .m2t & DVD M (2 discs) Comments: None. Can somebody please upload this DVD or seed it at lp-bits? or perhaps you have another recording of the whole show?
  4. why does everybody think that it's impossible that wtcfm will become a single one day?
  5. yeah i hope that when they com for me will be the fourth single! then the 4 best tracks of a thousand suns would be chosen as the first 4 singles imo xD
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