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  1. I noticed that two pads were turned off in the "Oh No" project, turning them on, I heard an alternative riff at the beginning (Manson sample) and the lead part. OhNo Upd: Stick 2 is definitely something different than Stick And Move... These "Windy" breaks seem foreign here... Stick2
  2. In order not to create a new topic, I will write here. I want to share with you my tabs that I made for "Could Have Been". I posted them a couple of months ago at the link: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/linkin-park/could-have-been-guitar-pro-3633209 I tried to recreate all the guitar and bass parts as accurately as possible. Enjoy!
  3. YABEAT is the breakdown beat from "Blue" (need to slow down by 50%)
  4. I mean the other vinyl from which the loop is played, with a yellow middle
  5. This thing came out in 1996, and it has a lot of samples that the band used. Here, for example, is the track that Joe plays in the video "DJ Joe from Hybrid Theory".
  6. sounds a little different, different mastering and tempo...
  7. I just listened to the multitrack "Runaway". The drum loop that is used in bridge is the same outro drum loop "Pictureboard" ... "" The sample question is even more unexplained for me now...
  8. I would like not to guess, but just to listen)
  9. And why this list is not an Anniversary Edition... There is no mention in all the track listings of So Far Away and Dedicated. Edit: And there is no mention of Slip w/Chester/ Interestingly, this list includes twice Esaul and A Place for My Head, as well as Dust Bros. and Now I See. Probably Harmonic Song and Pushing Me Away are the same thing. According to this list, Slip, And One, Pictureboard, were re-recorded for the album...
  10. I want to let myself fantasize about how I would like to see the Hybrid Theory 2020 tracklist. It seems strange to me that something is left uncovered. It would be strange to release tracks from this era in the future, so I don't think the band will go back to that again. Therefore, we would like to see this release as the most complete. For me, grouping like in this release doesn't look very logical (it's logical, but I don't like it). I would do something like this (more like chapters). Your attention: Hybrid Theory: 1. Papercut 2. One Step Closer 3. With You 4. Points Of Authority 5. Crawling 6. Runaway 7. By Myself 8. In The End 9. A Place For My Head 10. Forgotten 11. Cure For The Itch 12. Pushing Me Away 13. High Voltage 14. My December Hybrid Theory Live CD (All live recordings from this era for each song, maybe including covers, I won't list them) Hybrid Theory EP 1. Carousel 2. Technique (Short) 3. Step Up 4. And One 5. High Voltage 6. Part Of Me Hybrid Theory Demos (From Hybrid Theory 9-track demo CD): 1. Untitled 2. Points & Authority 3. Super Zero 4. Crawling 5. Carousel 6. Part Of Me 7. Rhinestone 8. Esaul Alternative Demos/Versions: 1. Plaster (David Kahne mix) 2. Papercut (Hybrid Theory 6-track demo) 3. Crawling (Hybrid Theory 6-track demo) 4. Points of Authority (Hybrid Theory 6-track demo) 5. Dust Brothers (Hybrid Theory 6-track demo) 6. By Myself (Hybrid Theory Unmastered or Much Too Easy) 7. The Cure (Hybrid Theory Unmastered) Outtakes: 1. She Couldn't 2. Technique (Original ver.) 3. Dedicated 4. Slip 5. Pictureboard 6. Could Have Been 7. So Far Away 8. Blue 9. Coal 10. Stick N Move Sketches: 1. Oh No 2. Grr 3. Sad (Acetate) 4. Stick And Move (LPU9) 5. Hurry 6. Chair 7. Pods Xero Demos (Zomba Sessions): 1. Rhinestone 2. Esaul 3. Pictureboard I guess during the Zomba Sessions, only these tracks were recorded. "These demos (which were re-recorded with Chester) have live drums, and for example the track "Slip" has a program beat. I don't think it was recorded with Mark. These three tracks must have been sent to Chester on the audition tape. Maybe Rapology tracks could be included here. Xero Cassette (instead of a Hybrid Theory sampler): 1. Rhinestone 2. Reading My Eyes 3. Fuse 4. Stick N Move 5. Dialate (I don't know exactly where to put it) It's strange that only Reading My Eyes was released from this tape. It seems that a cassette release would be more interesting. Something like this. I must have missed something. I think In The End Demo and Esaul from LPU11 could remain LPU exclusives. I wouldn't include Reanimation here. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I apologize if something is written incorrectly, I use Google Translate) I forgot - instead of Rock Am Ring it was necessary to release something else... This show was not seen probably only by a blind person) It would be possible to release at least Rock Im Park.
  11. Who has a photo book from the box set, what is the track listing on the old hybrid theory cover from the trash can on the band's old computer? I think this cover should be there... Can anyone post a photo?
  12. I listened to the track "Could Have Been". Sounds very raw, like it was recorded at home. Interesting. Not sure if it is "Xero Reborn" or not... I wonder who made this bass porn at the end..)
  13. Oh Thank God..) What about RME?
  14. Unfortunately not... "SHINODA: “Forgotten” was the other one that started as a demo with me and Mark. That one was called “Rhinestone” at the time." "As a side note, with the Hybrid Theory 20 release, we didn’t mix or re-mix any of the songs. It’s just a mastered version of the original cassette demo." I hope Mike's wrong....
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