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  1. Aaaaaaaaaa

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    2. AdamArtz


      man I used to go to classical music concerts before covid hit us it's great experience

      new Architects album is strong

    3. ChesterKiwi


      I'll think about it but I've been on a Devin Townsend kick for a while now

    4. AdamArtz


      new ADTR album is their worst by far

  2. how about nothing is true & everything is possible even though 1 year later and I still didn't get the chance to hear it

    1. ChesterKiwi


      I didn't like it tbh. Not my thing.

  3. I'm organizing the Nashville memorial so I shared this to the event page. People definitely really loved this idea. I'm hoping I can come. (EDIT: I have my ticket) Will any of the LPL staff be there?
  4. are you okay

    1. ChesterKiwi


      my name is not annie

  5. I love this album. I was so skeptical after Heavy and eventually moved on from hyping it but it surprised me so much. The outsiders helped the lyrics immensely. This is a pleasant turn, especially with how songs like Sorry for Now, Invisible, One More Light, and Sharp Edges turned out. I'm extraordinarily disappointed that my preorder CD was delayed because I want it on my shelf now. Favorite track: Sorry for Now Least-favorite track: Talking to Myself (easily one of the weakest songs on the album, but still a good song) EDIT: Read through more of the thread and I'd like to addres
  6. ( ͡x ͜ʖ ͡x)

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  7. Would this be including or not including 8-Bit Rebellion?
  8. Mike used a theremin on When They Come for Me. From what I've seen and heard, he used it to control the velocity and other factors of the synth in the bridge or something to that effect. You can see him reaching to the side during every performance of WTCFM and slowly shifting his hand as the filter effect changes for that synth. He also uses it to control the bass synth in New Divide like Yucker said. It was more used as a controller for effects than anything else live. Highly unlikely that it was used when recording.
  9. This was mentioned in a conversation on reddit, can you verify this Astat (or anyone else who would know)?
  10. I get yelled at whenever I argue so I'm just not even gonna and keep chuckling.
  11. 6 of these things are already out there.
  12. The irony is killing me. Super-excited about hearing recent stuff, even if it gives no indication of the new album's direction. Bleed It Out I'm a little excited for I guess.