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  1. "Woah, guys what?! I didn't say this at all " Matthias Harris https://twitter.com/MatthiasHarris/status/1062835059403710464 What did he say exactly? Anyone have a link?
  2. Rebellion multitrack is out there
  3. I think his guitar was on tune, he just played awfully, he clearly didn't know his parts pretty well
  4. Lying from you acapella is out there, I think is from Rock Band 4 since it doesn't have some screams
  5. Forgotten and By Myself Multitracks are out there Edit: *Link Removed*
  6. They could play more hip hop oriented songs so that chester doesn't hurt his voice
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhM_m5FZJbY GG Instrumental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4skdvgNIpW8Invisible Instrumental are there more OML instrumentals beside heavy, BS and those two?
  8. "Justin puts on a crazy show - check out this wild production! Pyro! Linkin Park doesn't use that anymore because Joe gets scared and messes up all the intros to the songs due to his shaking."
  9. Feels Like Forever is one of my favourites Of Mice & Men songs, but I think that the acoustic version is far far better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb1YgG-H86o
  10. Their albums mixes are awful, too much compression and a lack of low ends :/. You can find better mastered versions on the internet, for example all of their discography on Itunes is slighty less compressed and with more bass.
  11. Maximus Festival just announced that Prophets of Rage will be playing on the Argentina show, Tom Morello is on that band, possible debut of Drawbar?
  12. They are going to play with Rise Against only in Brasil as far as I know. I am going to the Argentina show!
  13. CONFIRMED "We'll be headlining Maximus Festival 2017 on May 6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and May 13 in São Paulo, Brazil. For complete details visit lprk.co/maximus - tickets on sale soon." LP
  14. People in 2009 didn't have smartphones, so they used the PC to enter lplive, now, everybody has a smartphone and frankly, It's uncomfortable to enter lplive from a cellphone, I'm all for a Android app.
  15. Me: "I was wondering, the Early Access still exists on LPU XV? Because I can't find it on the description. Thanks in advance :)" LPU: "Hey Thanks for your note. The early entry benefit has been put on hold. Please stay tuned for more updates come 2016. Best, Jessica / LPU HQ"
  16. I was like "this dsps sounds great! and chester too! oh wait..." I wonder why they didn't do this LPTV like the México one, the one with the fan who passed away, they could have done like that but with alessandro
  17. If I don't have the LPU15 laminate I can't get the Early Access?
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