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  1. So the other day I dusted off a friend's Sega Genesis and started playing Back to the Future 3. Stage 1 features a song, Ghost Riders in the Sky. There's a part of that 16-bit version of the song that sounds a lot like Castles of Glass. Check it out: (from 1:12 to 1:18) In other covers of the song the similarity is not as evident, but it´s undeniable in the 16-bit version. Just found it curious.
  2. I fail to understand how people are so awestruck with this album. The only song that stands out is Castle of Glass, not because it´s particularly good (even though it is in fact the one I enjoy the most for some weird reason), but because it just doesn't fit within the context of the album. It´s ridiculous how the album is very consciously divided in two. The first 5 songs could very well be one long song with Brad stuck in auto-pilot, then comes Castle of Glass and Victimized, two songs that are completely out of place, specially Victimized that sounds like the product of a SNL gag havin
  3. I like how the trailer supposedly gives a brief hint of what the sound of the album will be like and then BID just has nothing to do with it, with the dancey beat and mike showing up just like a random rapper in a fashion similar to Usher in Rebecca Black's Friday. I never like the first single off of any of LP´s albums. It´s kind of a tradition for me I guess. I´ll wait to see what the album is all about, A Thousand Suns was great and I hope this album keeps up.
  4. You´re missing the point. The restriction is not to protect those who attend the concert but to avoid disturbing those living close to the venue. Consider the fact that the show was on a thursday, that many people around the stadium do have to wake up at 5 or 6 am to get to work and so on. The sound was horrible close to the stage, you could barely listen to Mike for example. But the farther you went from the stage they sounded better. The sound of the opening bands was fine, only LP sounded kinda weird.
  5. show was cool. Setlist made sense. Haters gonna hate.
  6. ...wait... you mean, there´s people camping since last thursday? they´ve been camping for a week?... seriously wtf. I hope it doesn´t rain, and if it does, that the show still goes on.
  7. They really outdid themselves. I was not expecting that at all. I also think this is their best album to date, from beginning to end. My only complaint: "I’m not a robot, I’m not a monkey, I will not dance even if the beat is funky"
  8. For the first time ever I like the first single off of an LP album. Can't wait for ATS to be released (or leaked... i'm going to buy it anyway.) As for how good it will do in charts, I think it may not be very successful. It's just too different to what people are used to. This album is definitely an inflection point in LP's career and it'll put their fanbase to a test... it was about time they pulled something like this. Isn't that 3:46 min version the rip from the MoH trailer?
  9. I've never been this excited about an LP release. I want to listen to ATS now. It's too soon to say, but I get the feeling this might be their best album yet, this might be everything that MTM was supposed to be.
  10. Anybody knows if the tickets are for sale already and where? because i'll probably have to go to Argentina to get them before they're sold out. Thank god they're going to Argentina... I was already considering getting a loan and asking my parents for money to go to Chile.... damn crappy third world salaries. maik_gianino... you're the first Uruguayan I've ever seen on an LP board. Contact me at metaleak(gmail).
  11. if you invert the colors it maybe is kind of a supernova and shadows of planets/moons. This cover... the last time I was so surprised by LP was after finishing listening to HT for the first time. If the cover reflects the spirit of the album it'll probably be LP's best yet. Kudos to the band for stepping out of the box for once.
  12. That'd be interesting. The best rips possible posted in an organized way would be nice, specially in the case of songs like By Myself and APFMH with their multiple demos. Been scavenging for unreleased songs for a while now, and it's thanks to Hahninator, Serg, Aphelion, Nkramar, Derek from LPA, JNudda, etc that I got almost everything there is around. But even then, a complete list from where to download all the demos in the best quality possible would be immense. A daunting task no doubt, but i'll be very much appreciated.
  13. you want an acapella that goes "na na na na na" repeatedly?
  14. So what if they're live? what kind of argument is that? 5 songs out of 13 (supposedly), its like one third of the album already and you think it's not enough?. You don't need HQ recordings to get an idea of where they are going with the album. It's not likely they chose to promote the album through 5 of the least interesting tracks in it.
  15. I always thought Mark was the guy in the back with the cap, he at least looks similar to the other supposed Mark Wakefield pictures around. I know it doesn't mean much since none of those are confirmed to be him. The guy in the left does look completely out of place (within the band I mean).