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New Julien-K Shows


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Julien-K has announced two new headlining shows for next month. These join several other shows already announced for later this year.


14.08.2012 West Hollywood, CA, The Roxy Theatre - Sunset Strip Music Festival Week

23.08.2012 Scottsdale, AZ, Martini Ranch [NEW]

24.08.2012 Las Vegas, NV, Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas [NEW]

25.08.2012 Santa Ana, CA, The Observatory (The Constellation Room)

05.10.2012 Berlin, Germany, K17


Ryan recently posted this on his Facebook:


"cruel daze of summer. LA. phoenix. vegas. OC. new gypsy. europe. south america. europe. russia.


thats whats on my fucking mind."


So expect some new shows coming soon. We have heard rumors about more shows being added in Europe in October (including Russia) with South American appearances right after that.


For the full Julien-K live guide we have featured on LPLive, click here.

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Too bad there hasn't been ANY U.S. Tour since 2009 (over 3 years!). And I'm not talking 3 stops in CA, 2 in AZ, 1 in Vegas. I'm talking a full fledged US tour with stops outside of the Western United States.


I've been dying to catch them now I actually enjoy their music. I thought they were boring at Pro. Rev. 07, but I hadn't heard the studio stuff. Now I really like them!

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Man this stinks.


I don't know how long JK could survive, at least in North America.


I mean there is ZERO promotion for WHWY, it feels like it came out years ago.


I still love JK, but I feel like they're doing it all wrong. Anyway, who am I to judge.

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If I lived near any of these locations, I would definitely go. The last time Julien-K was in my area was in 2009. I tried to make it, but ended up not being able to, I then went to 2 DBS show later that year so it kind of made up for it. I saw Julien-K live on PR07, but that feels like ages ago. Fuck, it was ages ago. I want to see them again!!! I wish they'd come to NYC!

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I know this is a bit of a facebook comment...


but I do hope they come to the UK on some sort of a headline tour.

I know they're not huge in a lot of places, and the UK may be a long shot in those terms, but yeah - i know I would go.


either way, more dates added is a good thing, happy for those fans who can go see 'em

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