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Adam's European Tour Updates


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As we mentioned before, Adam from the LPU/LPHQ is out with the band on their European Tour right now and is providing updates along the way in the form of blog posts. So in addition to the DSP's for the tour chronicling each show, we'll also get to read about the tour from Adam. This is the first time someone with the band has gone on tour with them and provided these sort of updates to the fans. Pretty badass! The blogs give a good look into the life of the crew each show from when they first arrive to when they finally leave and travel to the next show.

A town where he grew up in Illinois called Galesburg is featuring blog posts from him, and his first one from the Rock In Rio and Pinkpop shows is up to read here. Titled "Portugal to The Netherlands to Denmark", the post talks about his encounters during the day at the shows, people he meets, and more.

A sample: "After Lisbon, we hopped on a 2am flight and flew 3 hours to Landgraaf, The Netherlands. That 3 hour flight was our only chance to sleep before load in. Landgraaf was great and the crowd was huge. I had the chance to meet up with a bunch of LPU members from Belgium during the day, and even watched the first few songs with them. It's always fun to be in the crowd to watch the show and watch the fans' reaction to the band. When the show ended, I got on the bus, crawled into my bunk, and slept for 13 hours. At that point I had only slept about 3 hours total in the previous 3 days, so I needed that sleep."

Also for you LPU members, he is doing blog posts exclusively for the LPU that differ a bit from the Galesburg posts. His LPU page can be found here and his latest post about the first few shows can be found here. And lastly, he also has an LPUHQ picture blog from the tour which has a lot of great shots of the performances, bands, venues and fans. View that here.

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