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LPU Summit In Camden NJ Announced


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From the LPU


We are excited to announce that will be be hosting our 6th International LPU Summit on August 17 in Camden, NJ*. Previous LPU Summit's have taken place in London, Sydney, Chicago, Hamburg and Tokyo and included activities such as meet & greets with Linkin Park, backstage tours, walking across the stage, a jam band using LP's gear, watching soundchecks, acoustic sets by Linkin Park, Q&A's and more.


Passes for the Summit will be available to LPU members only starting Saturday, May 19 at 12:00 PM ET only at LPUnderground.com.** Summit passes are FREE for LPU Plus Pass ($60) members as a benefit to your membership. If you have a $25 LPU pass, you can purchase a Summit pass for $50, or purchase a new $60 LPU Plus Pass membership for a free pass. Members will only be able to reserve ONE Summit pass each, if you have friends who want to try to attend they must JOIN LPU to get access to this benefit.


There will be limited passes available for the Summit, and they will sell out FAST. To ensure you have the best opportunity possible to get a pass, make sure you are online prior to the 12:00 PM ET time. Those fans who are able to reserve a pass in their cart have 20 minutes to check out. If they do not do so in time, the passes are dumped back into the pool. Because of this, if you do not immediately see passes available, you can try refreshing the page throughout the next couple of hours. Please only reserve a pass if you are 100% certain you will be able to travel to the Summit and attend.


Details on a pre-Summit events held the day before on August 16th, and a full list of all Summit activities will be announced in the coming weeks.


Check out the LPU-TV episode from the Summit we held in Hamburg, Germany last summer HERE and get excited about our 6th Summit coming to the East Coast!


*Tickets to the Linkin Park show on August 17th NOT included. Tickets to the show not required to attend the summit.




Who's will be attending? Make sure to represent LPLive.net!

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So if I go to that one and have to pay for the summit pass, I don't feel like paying for another possible summit in europe later, lol


Well 50 bucks is still acceptable for the whole experience, but I thought the price would be a lot lower.

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My 21st birthday, but 6 hours away...


Only one pass ability kinda is a let down for me because I don't wanna leave my girlfriend all day so far from home, so I may just have to stick with MA and CT.

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This is so awesome I never though a summit would be at a show that I would be going to since they happen every so often. Will definitely be reserving a pass this Saturday. I guess shelling out $60 for the LPU Plus Pass is going to finally pay off :)

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Thankfully I'm getting the tickets as a bday present, so I'll definitely be renewing my membership for this epic opportunity. There had best be something epic regarding lplive too, I want my state represented well!!

There will be 4 staff members there... We'll have to have SOMETHING planned.


Maybe. :lol:

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