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Philly 2011 Video & "Valentine's Day Giveaway"


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To keep in the spirit of LP's live shows since the summer tour is currently (and slowly) being announced, here's some downloads!


LPL user Maxthunderer recently made a topic with a ton of awesome downloads, including some interviews I've never seen and a few live shows. This was his "Valentine's Day Giveaway", but hey...March isn't THAT late is it??


The shows that are included:

10.02.2001 - St. Louis, MO (Instore Signing)

30.01.2001 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

02.05.2001 - Sydney, Australia, Interview (Channel V)

24.01.2008 - Nottingham, England, Nottingham Arena

17.06.2008 - Brno, CZ (OCKO LIVE)

xx.xx.2008 - Videography Commented (MTV2)

New York 2003 (Interview IMX)

08.03.2008 - West Valley City, UT


Download all of those torrent files (or whichever ones you need to complete your collection) HERE. Thanks Maxthunderer for your awesome contribution!


Also with this, LPLive is presenting the video of a show from 2011! On the 8th show of the 2011 North American Tour, LP stopped in Philadelphia, PA (show page here) with their B13 set (you know, the one with 'Faint' opening and with 'Blackout' in the middle) at The Wells Fargo Center. Download a high quality video of that below:


[Philly DL] - .torrent (Right click -> Save as...)

720p TS | AC3 5.1 | 7.16 GB | 94:06 mins



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yeah i think i had a surge in speed about an hour ago - got a reading of 289mb/s somewhere in there so I guess he was on for a bit...


no worries, I can leave my laptop on all night if i want to

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Just in case you are wondering that the audio on the youtube video sounds a little weird (the right channel is louder than the left channel). The original has 5.1 audio and I didn't downmix it properly for this upload. Actually I just found out how to do that lol.


If you play this show in VLC, no mater if you have a 5.1 system or not, change the setting Audio > Audio decive to 5.1, that way it sounds a lot better.

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Thanks Maxthunderer for your awesome contribution!

I already thought you wouldn't post it in here :P You're welcome, I am really glad to share some good stuff that successfully got by trading (as my trading activity is over). I like our community very much so if it was some another one I would think a twice, hehe :)

A new 2011 show in addition, very nice, tnx!


But still guys, if you have a Facebook account, you would make me a big favor if you will vote for me in one photo contest for a ticket which is described in my signature, cheers!

Edited by Maxthunderer
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Wow guys, you are pushing my upload speed limit with the big number of downloaders :o but still waiting `till you grab your Facebook account and make a vote for me :angry: :rolleyes: I need every single of your votes very much! My opponent there is ahead of me because his community (dunno, it seems his native) keeps voting for him, so let's show him our strange! ^_^

Edited by Maxthunderer
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