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Anything particular for next tour you'd like to see?


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Is there anything in particular you would like to see Linkin Park do on their tour for their 5th album? Classics replaced with new or older rarely played material? Anything particular about the show in general such as guest appearances from supporting bands, how the stage is set up, or the length of the setlist? Specific intros or outros? Let's see what you got!

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And I want a show that lasts for 2 hours and includes interaction with the crowd... I know that this has been said 389829340248 times before, but these are my wishes (that aren't going to happen).

In addition to that, some intros they used to play earlier would be cool. The Numb intro from summer 04, the Crawling Reanimation intro, the One Step Closer Reanimation bridge and stuff like that :)

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I hope for a heavier set, but I doubt it that it come with the new album. Rock am Ring has many die hard fans...I think a ATS set is too soft for that Festival.


I doubt it, but I still hope they have some really heavy rock songs on their new record.

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in terms of songs I would like to see the return of Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong and Poiunts Of Authority; I'd like to see songs that rarely beign played recently but I thought these three have more possibility to put back;


in terms of setlist I'd like to see a 100-120 mins long show with some badass songs intros and outros (Crawling reanimation intro - maybe with Hands Held High, POA intro/outro, Breaking The Habit piano intro - just like 2009 and maybe One Step Closer and What I've Done PR:08 intro) and more talk;

I think that they can do it by dropped every ATS interlude as I think that are useless now, since they don't tour for ATS anymore;


I would like also that they played some LPU's b-sides but it's unlikely.


but most important I'd love another LP's show in Italy.

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