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THROOOWBBBACK! Remember watching this video for the first time? :)


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I was so excited for the album after watching this the first time.


Oh my god that sounded amazing!!

My jaw literally dropped. There are people staring at me in the mall right now!

This was my original post in the newswire thread.

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Throw up the video where Chester gets parking tickets outside their practice studio.


That would be a throwback.

That's a great video haha...I actually used it for reference on what better not happen when my band first got going lol


or the frat party clip where they show somewhere i belong demo

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I used to like these lyrics first, but then the actual lyrics that made the final cut grew on me more and are more appropriate. Blackout's lyrics remind me of a relationship, Chester taking the angry and upset approach, while Mike takes the more positive, moving on to better things approach. But then again this song could be about pizza, we'll never know.

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I remember on this video, I thought it would be a very heavy song but it isn't, because of this Blackout blew my mind after listening the first time. I had that feeling with Wretches and Kings too, because on this

. Chester screamed in the beginning and I thought it would be much heavier but from Wretches and Kings I was a little bit dissapointed because of that reasons.
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