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Julien-K - Live in Würzburg 2011 Audio


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Here's a little treat for all the Julien-K fans out there! Since LP news are a bit slow right now, I decided to share this recording of mine. This is from Julien-K's current European Tour. On this show they supported the band The Sounds, but the best part is the new songs that they played! They added "Fail With Grace" for this tour and that song won't be on the new album.


Julien-K - Live in Würzburg, Germany, Posthalle 12.06.2011


01. We're Here With You

02. Surrounded By Cowards

03. Breakfast In Berlin

04. Fail With Grace (Vandal cover)

05. Cruel Daze Of Summer

06. Maestro (Koma + Bones Remix)




You can find the showpage here, if you go there you can also find a scan of the setlist and the show ticket.


I really enjoyed being at this show and I hope you enjoy this recording! There's a bit of chatter here and there but it happens.


If a few people are interested in a lossless version of this, I can add that later.

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Because I was told by the Julien-K management

I sent it to the german manager, he sent it to the band to check it out. And they said they don't it spread around any further because it was one of their first shows of the tour and doesn't reflect the quality of their current live performance. I don't get the fuss either but if they say that, I respect that.

And they did not know that I put it on our main site lol.

I think whoever wanted it, downloaded it, I'll share it openly again at some other point.

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