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What other songs would you like to see on a game like Guitar Hero?

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Id Love to see New Divide on one. EVERYONE knows that song. Its actually been one of their most popular.


When They Come for Me would be a really cool one for a drumming sort of game.


So heres a top 5 IMO


1. New Divide

2. Faint

3. When They Come for Me.

4. Breaking the Habit

5. Papercut

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All for Rock Band 3


With You

A Place For My Head




From The Inside


Given Up

No More Sorrow

The Little Things Give You Away

New Divide

When They Come For Me

Robot Boy


The Catalyst



bare in mind ALL ATS songs are on GH.

No, only BITS, WFTE, Blackout, Wretches and Kings, The Catalyst, and The Messenger are.
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bare in mind ALL ATS songs are on GH.



Iridescent isnt, When they come for me is only a remix on DJ Hero and Robot boy.


Also you can count all the interludes but I wouldnt expect that to be on a game.

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1. In Pieces

2. across the Line

3. Ph5ng Me A*wy

4. Hands Held High

5. Iridescent

6. And One


not liek they would happen (atleast 2,3 and 6)

yeah that most likely won't happen.


and also i think Rock Band>>>>>>>>>>>>Guitar Hero

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