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Best Hybrid-Theory-Era Proshot/Soundboard Recording


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I'm currently running the LP Song Election for live albums and realized that there was no traditional live album for the Hybrid Theory era. I was wondering what some of you thought was the best proshot or soundboard recorded show from this era so that we have something to vote on for all four eras of Linkin Park.

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The BBC Radio show that got released is the highest quality I have heard so far, it's also in the audio forum if you haven't yet heard it. It's almost like the quality of AOL Sessions 2007 or Third Encore from 2007, but with an audience. And I'd also say probably RAR01, love that show and the quality is great.

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Audio-wise, the BBC Radio 1 performance is very good, so are the handful of Westwood Radio radio broadcast shows that are going around (HFStival and the various KROQ shows come to mind). The very first LP live recording (Orlando 2000) is surprisingly good too.


Video-wise, the best FULL show is probably either Rock Am Ring or Goldsmith College. There are a few really good partial ones too - Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Milan, and HBO Reverb are all good ones.

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In my opinion, the best SBD Recording is the BBC Radio 1 show. Chesters voice sounds so raw there, they played a awesome set and the audio quality is also great.

Best Proshot..difficult question. I like Milano very much, nice performance, One Step Closer kicks ass and I like the With You intro. RAR 2001 was great too. I think the best of it was High Voltage and And One. Also great set and good sound with a strong performance of the whole band. It's hard to figure out the best.

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The Docklands Arena Show (2001)

Milan,Italy Show (2001)

Hall of Fame,Ohio Show (2001)

Rock am Ring 2001 Show

House of Blues Show (2001)

Tinley Park,Ozzfest Show (2001)

Phoenix,Mason Jar Show (2000)

New York,Roseland Ballroom Show (2000 and 2001)

Goldsmith College Show (2001)

Twin Bridges Show (2001)

Hollywood Palladium,LA Show (2001)



BBC,London Audio Show (2001)

Orlando Audio Show (2000)

Mountain View Audio Show (2001)

Irvine,CA Audio Show (2001)

Rock im Park,Day 2 Audio Show (2001)

Dragon Festival Audio Show (2001)

KROQ Audio Show (2000 and 2001)

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