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  1. What about another shows who has TheD7 from 2000/2001 guys? You will have from him more shows? Especially: House of Blues 2001 both version and The Filmore 2001 full version.
  2. Do you transfer this shows from VHS and you share as DVD here (especially two versions of House of Blues 2001)?
  3. When you share Mason Jar 2000 and the rest shows?
  4. What about the rest shows from 2000/2001, especially House of Blues 2001 both version, will you share?
  5. I know who has it, but he doesn't share this, unfortunately
  6. Warsaw source from MarcinK is incomplete. The tracks are cut only a few is complete. Taper recorded 57 mins.
  7. Only VLC has a problem with playing the DVD at least for me. WMP is the best for DVD.
  8. In this video guy from RSD shows all exclusive stuff, in 12:14 he shows Hybrid Theory. http://vimeo.com/64068487#
  9. Please upload Dragon Festival 2001 in FLAC.
  10. Please upload RAW files from camera.
  11. What about a DVD release, is it possible the publication of this DVD?
  12. Thanks for this. Previous version share by Felipe is in inferior quality.
  13. Drawing made ​​by my friend. The colors are a little different, but it looks interesting. What do you think?
  14. Thanks, I had not read this.
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