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Signed LPLive Flag Auction To Benefit Music For Relief


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Since most of the staff and quite a bit of the site members volunteered for Music For Relief on this touring cycle, we thought we'd do something collectively to benefit the organization. As you know, MFR takes donations, sells bandanas designed by Mike and more for the victims of natural disasters, including the tsunami in Japan. Since 2005, Music For Relief has raised over $4,000,000 in donations, planted over 810,000 trees, and helped out victims of many disasters including Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and more.


Linkin Park just held their fourth LPU Summit in Hamburg, Germany on the 21st of June. SpikeMinoda was able to get an LPLive flag printed for the Summit and we were able to sneak it into a few pictures.....


Group picture

[AndOne] w/ Linkin Park


At the M&G in Hamburg he was able to get it signed by the band as well. After the Summit, SpikeMinoda thought it'd be a good idea to auction the flag off on eBay and give every penny to Music For Relief. He's even paying for the shipping himself.


Check out the auction here.


If you'd like an LPLive flag with our latest logo that is signed by everyone in Linkin Park, and you'd like to help out a great organization founded by Linkin Park, then drop by the auction page and bid over the next ten days!


Thanks to Overkill for designing the flag for us!

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