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Artisan News: Mike S


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An Artisan News clip of Mike since the news is trickling in really slow this month for us all.


"As far as doing this show with Jay in England I'm going to be completely self-serving -- and I think Jay would have a good laugh if he ever sees this -- but he opened for us, just to be really clear about that. That to me, that's always a fun fact to throw out there for my friends. Living in the U.S. we're both multi-platinum artists. That's in the U.S. though. You start to go to other territories, and it's a different story. Just like with any band. There are some areas where we're in Germany, and some band you've never heard of, we open for them there because we do really well in Germany but they've been there for ten, fifteen years. It was exciting for me, personally, when I was able to call my friends and be like (in a fake conceited voice), 'Yeah, you know Jay's opening for us in Milton Keynes, you know, because we're just so huge.' (Laughs at self). I can laugh about these things because I don't take our band too... I take our music seriously to the degree that I put a lot of effort into it, and all of us do, and it's important to us, but as far as the stature, celebrity of our band, like, 'whatever.'"

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