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New Julien-K Album Title


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Title sucks seriously. But I guess it'll be epic anyway :)

Btw anyone remember this track list the band posted on twitter ages ago? Could still be true:


1. WHWY (We're Here With You)

2. BIB

3. CDOS (Cruel Daze of Summer)

4. NOFP (Nights of Future Past)

5. SBC (Surrounded By Cowards)

6. DOTW (Dregs of the World)

7. CC

8. PSR

9. ITNTDY (I Try Not To Destroy You)

10. [...] 2.0


The rest was cut off.

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track list


01 . Breakfast In Berlin

02 . Centainly

03 . Cruel Daze Of Summer

04 . Dregs Of The World

05 . Nigh Of The Future Past

06 . Pam Springs Resest

07 . Surrounded By Cowards

08 . I'll Try Not 2 D-Stroy U

09 . We're Here With You




The following tracks have been mentioned in the past as being set for release on We're Here With You, but the final track listing has yet to be confirmed.

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Ah i misread im assuming the band said during the pre-listening show correct ?


Happy with the new stuff, we've heard most of it now, still prefer the first batch they played live, cant wait for Surrounded By Cowards

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That was said in the Tiefdruck office the day after the Hamburg EP recording, they already have an exact date but they didn't tell us of course. I think this time they want to go for a worldwide release and Ryan said something about a huge world tour the entire next year.

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I Still dont understand why there is Julien-K stuff on here.

Because Julien-K doesn't let one person run their whole band like LP does now. And Julien-K kicks ass. CHESTER (LEAD SINGER of Linkin Park) is probably more involved with Julien-K then he is with LP now. LOL.

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