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"Iridescent" - 4th Singles from "A Thousand Suns"


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After months of speculation on the next single from Linkin Park's fourth studio album "A Thousand Suns", today we have received word that the third US single taken from the album will in fact be "Iridescent".


The single which is currently slated for a May 17th release as an internet single follows "Waiting For The End" which was released last year in October, and "Burning In The Skies" which saw an International release in March.


There's no word on whether or not this ties into "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" but if Joe Hahn's tweets and other rumors are anything to go by, it's a possibility. As this information was shared privately from an unspecified source, there's no official statement. We'll keep you updated on any changes or developments. keep an eye on linkinpark.com for official confirmation.


Edit : Joe Hahn give new tweet "Do robots and leather look good together?"

I assume it's for Transformers : DOTM but maybe he just playing around..


Credits to LPAssociation for this info..

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I was hoping for something heavier from the album, but oh well. Never really cared what mainstream radio fans thought about LP. The good news is though, that there could still be a last single, and it'd have to something heavier unless it was The Messenger or Robot Boy.

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Excited by this. I enjoy the Transformers movies immensely. Yes, the first was better than the second. Yes the second had its fair share of issues, but it did what it was supposed to do - ie, entertain. For those who don't know, the sequel fell victim to the writer's strike that happened a couple of years ago. You can look up the full story but the writer's strike basically led to the first draft of the script being developed by Michael Bay himself (writing clearly not his strong point) that was developed (in a rush) once the strike was over.


Given that they have acknowledged the shortcomings of the second one (the Twins, the corny humour, etc), I'm confident they will have (at least partially) learned from their mistakes and we'll get a far stronger movie as a result.


I totally see that Autobot image being the single cover - seems the correct shape for a physical CD single (which I'm sure will see an overseas release).


Also wouldn't be surprised if the music video is being filmed using the same 3D camera rig that Bay used to film the movie - pretty sure that Joe/Chester said in an interview that they were looking into 3D technology for future projects - this could be it? It's probably nothing, but that small moon you click on to take you to the teaser page has a glitch that occurs every few seconds. That glitch is the old-school 3D format known as 'anaglyph' (red/blue).


As for the leather comment on Joe's twitter account - besides being funny as hell, all I expect that would mean is one (or more) of the guys in the video clip have a leather jacket on... and that there will more than likely be Transformers in the music video.


EDIT: Does anyone else think that Joe's 'optimistic' twitter update could have been a very vague reference to Optimus Prime? ;D

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EDIT: Does anyone else think that Joe's 'optimistic' twitter update could have been a very vague reference to Optimus Prime? ;D

Had a completely different spin on it.

I thought it was a shot on the lyrics seeing they are 'optimistic' lyrics ;)

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