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Help needed for Plectrum Guide


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Hey guys.

we need someone or several people to help building a plectrum section!
Sorted by tours and so on. It would be great to have someone with a good collection who is also good with determining fakes, in case we take pics of Ebay and so on.
We'd also need as many plectrum scans as possible.

We would appreciate any kind of help.


with all the different picks I could find. With a few that are likely to exist but haven't seen one yet. ATS and Living Things is 100% complete.
To be added: Merch picks, LPU picks, STPwCB


Images of wanted picks, I used the list numbers to make it easier to compare them.

Quick wanted list:
Meteora - Mike - Dunlop logo
Meteora - Mike - Dunlop Tortex (different signature)

White Meteora picks!

The list is still not 100% updated with all the scans that were posted in here. I'm still working on it.

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Here's everything I have. Front and back.


This one is from Basel 2008!


I got these two at the LPU M&G in Stuttgart 2010

post-174-1293384667.jpg post-174-1293384698.jpg

This one is most likely from the MTM touring cycle (dunno the exact show)


And I dunno about this one but it's obviously one from the Meteora time.


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Bumping this project. I need to update it all.


In the meantime I complied a written list of all the picks I could find.



I'll update this list soon with what I still need and pics to make it all easier to see what's still missing.


I also found a really nice collection here: http://www.guitar-picks.com/linkin_park.htm

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