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Chester's "Saw 3D" Script Available For Buying


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Chester's "Saw 3D" script is available in the Official SAW Store.


This is Chester Bennington's ("Evan") Top-Secret SAW 3D Script!




SAW 3D is the final SAW movie - this script is a valuable collectible!



During the filming of SAW 3D, the production team carefully handed over the top-secret script to Chester Bennington ("Evan"). On the cover of the script, is Chester Bennington's name. You will receive an official copy of the script cover that Chester Bennington ("Evan") used during the filming of SAW 3D, plus an official copy of the official SAW 3D script.

You are buying this script from Raybin Management, LLC -- we (Raybin Management, LLC) are the exclusive seller of all "SAW" props wardrobe and autographs...We manage the Official SAW Store. There is a special hologram on the script authenticating this special item.

This is the "Triple Yellow script" as it's called, for SAW 3D. The complete Triple Yellow script is in excellent condition and in the lower left hand corner of the front page, you will see the evolution of the scripts -- including the date and name of this script as: Triple Yellow. See the example on this page.


Note: it says EVOLUTION IV on the script instead of "SAW 3D" so it would be kept "top secret" in case in got into the wrong hands during the shooting of SAW 3D.


Each script is three hole punched, and held together by a classy brass-finished fastener.

The Script Cover (front page with the EVOLUTION IV title) comes in a rigid plastic holder.

For reasons of security, this script will be shipped to you on December 11, 2010.


All scripts come with a special COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from Twisted Pictures (the producers of the SAW movies). Attached to the certificate of authenticity is a unique tamper evident security hologram. This hologrammed certificate of authenticity is your guarantee that your item is genuin

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