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m_shinoda on iheartradio


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Mike: "I'm gonna be pre-recording a radio show on iheartradio today, and i want to talk to some of you on the phone, to broadcast!

if you live in the US, direct message me with a story or question and your phone number."


You can't actually send him a DM on Twitter, so he then posted this:


"go to my profile page on http://www.linkinpark.com, and send me a message (question & your phone #)


...but only if you live in the US. I'll be taping in 30 minutes or so. Tell me a good story or ask me a question..."


m_shinoda's Twitter


Anyone ask him a question?

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well can some1 atleast ask him about LPUX or HT songs on tour or FM.....????????????


any of these 3 will help xD

He won't answer LPUX questions, I've tried beforehand and he basically can't talk about it until some green light goes on somewhere.

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""mike: well im gonna tell you something that theyll edit out of the radio show.. for lpux, the cd is gonna be awesome, one of the songs is a demo, a full song/demo with drums guitar & everything, called pretend to be.. noones heard it yet (i/other people really have.. sorry mike, haha XD) so.. youre now the ambassador of official lpu news, & you can go tell everyone that""


hey look guys LPUX news! xD & wow pretend to be? kinda late with that news mike but what are the demos tho?

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