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  1. in b4 "Is Thrash where we get our news now?"
  2. oh, I've had this book for almost a week now. I'm still going through it. The piano and guitar are all mashed up together in a new arrangement that allows a solo person to play the song. If you wanted to play it exactly how the band does, you could piece it back together from what's written, but it doesn't give the original arrangements explicitly. bass is not (explicitly) in the book. It's unlike the HT/Meteora books which (i think, if i remember right) was just guitar and bass and they were separate and more like how the band actually played it. Also unlike the old books, it is al
  3. What. The F bomb not allowed on a forum favoring a band that drops it the most frequently? I didn't post any material, and that's the only rule stickied or anywhere that I see at all :/
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH If it comes between updating iTunes and swallowing live scorpions on fire covered in gasoline and seasoned with nightshade and antifreeze, I much rather have the gorram scorpions. I have never seen an installation process so painful than with iTunes. It took me THREE GORRRAM HOURS last time because I had to be a doofus and follow Mike Shinoda on Ping. And that wasn't even on my first attempt. I am seriously considering just not watching the livecast because of this. I won't get the next set of three hours back, and I
  5. That sort of handicap would apply to ALL albums on the market. So after adjusting for that handicap, it's still 2nd best. BTW, Metacritic gives this album the highest score out of all of the other LP albums. It has no negative reviews, except by fans still stuck in 2002. And even then, positive reviews by fans still outweigh negative ones three to one. So, you're still in the vocal minority.
  6. It's not supposed to be a "remix" in the common sense of the word. Actually, I rather not hear it being called a remix. It's a radio edit. Designed to fit between the other pop songs on the radio, where song before it might have been some upbeat thing. The effect is lost with the song just being on the radio, not that I think the edit saves it much. Mainstream radio prefers songs to be kept short as possible. They don't want people to touch the dial.
  7. *bonks your head* Obvious troll is obvious. Do not feed.
  8. So you're saying $60 isn't that much *In Germany* Of course, I don't drink or smoke precisely because it's too expensive to do so (also, that smoking smells like donkey ass and beer tastes like piss). But it is a high tab for a lot of people, particularly for people who are *not in Germany*. I only renewed with the funds I won from a programming contest, otherwise i'd still be out. Nonetheless, the base concept of the LPU makes perfect sense. In joining the LPU, you are basically paying your way to separate yourself from fans who want attention but on the whole don't care as much for th
  9. I'm imagining a court of law judged by Mr. HT97. Victim: I was robbed MT97: So? We're you murdered? Victimi: well, no but- MT97: I don't see the problem here. Quit making up excuses to complain. Not guilty! Next Case: Victim 2: That guy there shot my friend! Defendant: He took my CD. HT97: Well obviously a CD was stolen. Since the victim also took part in a crime, murder was justified, since two wrongs make a right! Not Guilty! Third Case: Victim: Help me, this isn't fair! HT97: looking at your traffic record. You ran a stoplight once. So you don't deserve any he
  10. It was visible earlier today when I opened that into another tab to save. I hadn't noticed it disappeared like that. No wonder I was wondering why so many people were blind. Still, doesn't excuse the management's decision.
  11. The rules were linked to from the DA page, On the other poster thing. The one that says "Contest Details" Reasonable sized font and blue contrasts with white, so they sort of... tried. .. That's funny, the exact moment I go to screencap it, the link loads invisible. I wonder if that's the culprit. Even maor fail!!! Anyway, The first thing anyone does before doing anything like this is look for the lawyerese. While LP management failed at making it easy to find.. at all, 20% is bad parenting here. You should know what contract you're getting into before doing anything.
  12. Those aren't the rules. That's a how-to / FAQ of sorts. You follow the link that goes the the official rules. always. I'm guessing by the ignorance of it's location they should have blown up the size of the link more, because this was linked to right from the main DA page. I dont get how people missed it. http://www.linkinpark.com/profiles/blogs/i...artwork-contest And yes, I don't see many people here actually blaming the artist for this, except for not following the rules, which is dishonorable, but not as dishonorable as the people running the show. Well, and that the work
  13. It means he was eight times more likely to get discovered than someone who followed the rules. It means that a lot of people wasted enormous amounts of time trying to do their best. I spent 8 hours on mine and mine is mediocre at best. I can't imagine the anguish of someone who really tried on this contest. It means that, unless action is taken, all contests following this are going to be a farce, because it's going to become a spam hell if quantity over quality is what the judges are looking for. It means that the contest wasn't fair and didn't follow it's own contract. The rules
  14. In this case, all they would have had to do is look at the TITLE of the submission to see something was up. http://howazzim.deviantart.com/art/LinkinP...ent-4-211681032 I am more disappointed with the management here than the 'winner.' This is laziness in the extreme. I bet the band had some random person pick the final five and they didn't care about getting the best ones. Next contest, every person's gonna submit 100 entries each in a spam attempt to be picked at random. That's what happens when this sort of thing is encouraged. Why bother putting any work into it?