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Hawaii Five Joe


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Joe Hahn recently recorded a theme song for the reboot of the TV series Hawaii Five O, read what Joe had to say about it and listen to his interpretation below.


"Hawaii Five O just got a reboot this week. It was very exciting to see director, Len Wiseman do his thing on the small screen. I’m a big fan of his Underworld series. He asked me to do the theme song for the show. I was happy to do so until the stuffy suits over there said thought that it wasn’t good. I personally don’t think that it sucked and would like to share it with you people of the world with taste. Listen here to check it out. BTW, the show has a bunch of Koreans in it. Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, and Will Yun Lee of the SEED!!! Executive Douche Bags get a thumbs down. Koreans get a thumbs up!"


Listen To Joe Hahn's Hawaii Five O Theme Song - Here


Source: LPassociation.com
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LP is credited for writing the song, (source) but from what I understand, the composers were asked to make a song that sounds like In the End.

ha. nifty. i'm confused though. that lists LP as the composers, but Heil & Klimek have recieved awards for the theme..?


so that begs the question, is the theme LP composed not the one they used, or did LP compose it and Heil & Klimek are merely the "performers"?





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