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Grey Daze Flashback


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With all of this Dead By Sunrise talk going on, I thought I'd have a little flashback and post a live video from Grey Daze, Chester's first band before Linkin Park.



Check out the live debut of "She Shines" from 1994. This is in no way a new video (Jonathan Krause, former Grey Daze member, allowed ForfeitTheGame.com to post it several years ago), but I thought I'd see what everyone's reactions to this was.


While we wait on the Out Of Ashes leak, I figured, hey why not post a Grey Daze video.


EDIT: Don't forget to vote in the poll here if you have heard the studio version of the recently leaked version of "The Morning After".

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I seen this video quite a few times already. If I remember correctly, Grey Daze played this song during this show to see how people reacted to the song. They were wondering if they should put it on their record i think

you are totally right, they were not sure about to include this song in the album, so they played the song to see te people´s reaction.


How do you know it?

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