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All The GLXS (Dies) Pictures


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Mike has uploaded all the pictures of the Glorious Excess (Dies) on his blog, here's his word:


For those of you who can't make it to the show...Here are the images of the 17 paintings from the show, plus a couple shots of the installation.

If you live close enough to come by, please visit JANM before the show closes on October 4th. There's nothing like seeing a show like this in person. The online virtual-tour can't give you the real experience of being there, but here it is anyway.


Watch his amazing work HERE


More pictures to come!


You can also view other photos taken by some art&culture magazines:







What's your favorite ?

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i'm not into art at all but these are awsome..... mike is a genious :D

He really is. It's like anything Mike touches turns to gold, that's what a guy that used to work at my local FYE told me a while back. Actually, it was when FM was released, he was like ''I don't really like Linkin Park but I have to admit, anything that Mike Shinoda makes is just amazing''. :lol:

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I like all the art pieces there, esphe the (Kinda) warhol inspired Oyakodon & the four seasons defo :). Quick question but does anyone by any chance have the MS collab part piece that he done with Dalek from his DSHC show? Cause i've got all the art work he's done on my laptop & thats the only one thats missing that i really need lol...if anyone has it PM me asap.

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