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Phoenix Q&A - Go!


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Phoenix is doing a Q&A on Twitter right now for the next 6 or 7 minutes. Hurry and submit your question!


"Hahninator@phoenixlp are there any plans for a release of the remaining MTM b-sides? the 6th song you recorded strings for maybe. LPU9, please?"


I figured I might as well give it a shot....


Phoenix did a ten minute Q&A on Twitter just a minute ago - there were tons of things asked. Hopefully he'll do it again sometime soon! Pretty cool.

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aeronowak4tkd@phoenixlp when did you decide to take up playing bass and why did you choose to play that instrument as your primary?

he was playing the guitar before but his old band, The Snax, already had a guitarist so he began playing the bass

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I was lucky enought to get an answer, well kinda! I know he had his hand injured during the shoot for "New Divide" but I doubted that they would not have in him in the group shot but they didn't.


MY ?:


Posted Imagephoenixlp@smallpkgtnt RT Why weren't u in the group shot in "New Divide"? To add some mystery to the video... think it worked?4:17 PM Aug 24th from web

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