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  1. Last nights show was freaking awesome!!!!!!!! My 2nd LP show! They played a couple songs I wanted to hear live so I can not be happier! I was a ATS tour and loves WTCFM live so I was ecstatic to hear it again! LITE was my other song I wanted to hear live and again I was not disappointed! Found it funny that they were going to start new music with Mike introducing it and things changed again!
  2. I'm in USA, Indiana...still haven't received mine. But, I'm seriously not complaining...I know it will get here and when it does I will be HAPPY!
  3. Very cool!!!! And I get to participate too! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!
  4. I'll be there with my hubby! And I will have 2 friends with me too! And we are going to the Summit too (all but my hubby)! Anyone doing Day 1 at the Summit?
  5. I'm going! I can't wait! It will be my first LP concert too!
  6. Well I have never been lucky enough to see my favorite band live but I NEVER miss a tv performance! My favorite is Linkin Park performing at the Grammy's with Jay-Z & Paul Mccartney. When Chester sang the begining verse of "yesterday" I got chills! How iconic was that performance! They got to perform with a Beatle!
  7. Actually that's not true. Last time LP was on Kimmel they played 2 songs. You usually have to goto Kimmels NBC website or his YouTube page to view both performances.
  8. I want to see it! I feel so out of the loop! Wrong day to be busy! :-(
  9. I was lucky enought to get an answer, well kinda! I know he had his hand injured during the shoot for "New Divide" but I doubted that they would not have in him in the group shot but they didn't. MY ?: phoenixlp@smallpkgtnt RT Why weren't u in the group shot in "New Divide"? To add some mystery to the video... think it worked?4:17 PM Aug 24th from web
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