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"She Couldn't" Demo Discussion


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I was searching on ebay and found this "rare" cd XD, i dont know if its fake or not, but the only song i dont recognize is number 5.- she couldnt, there is a clip of the song at the end of the item auction.


I don't know if i can put this link of the ebay auction here but here it is:




is that song real or just a good fake ??? XD, i hope you can tell me, thanks

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Does someone know of this?


Hybrid Theory Demo CD


01. Untitled

02. SuperXero

03. Points And Authority

04. Crawling

05. She Couldn’t

06. Carousel

07. Part Of Me

08. And One


Or it has the complete song She Couldn’t? this is very rare stuff the preview of the song is amazing!!! this is the link where they can buy it:




thanks to lpinside.com.br

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I see no way of contacting the buyer. Seller giving out the buyer's name = not going to happen. Privacy issues. Seller willingly giving a copy of the song? Not going to happen when a CD just sold for $1,125.20 with it on there.


Translation? We're fucked; I'm not even going to bother with it. I've got LPLive exclusives I need to post for everyone.

You have reason I believe that at the time we should agree to wait for " Out of Ashes " of DBS and with the preview of "She Couldn't" or until there is a miracle and the seller decides to share it :lol:

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