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Phoenix and Fiore in Dawson's Creek


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Aiman over at the LPU found something pretty interesting recently, so I thought I'd post it here.


First of all, check out this Snax tour diary. Snax is a band that Phoenix (Dave) and Mark Fiore (LP's videographer) were in before Linkin Park. Phoenix even left LP to tour with The Snax for a while - he's missing from the video of 'One Step Closer' and missed some touring with Linkin Park of course.


Anyway, the tour diary says this:

"Thursday November 16th, 2000 - 6:13:12 pm

it is fiore here, Jim, dave, cheese and myself are going to be extras on DAWSON'S CREEK, wed the 22nd of November- look for us- we are there posing as high school students!"


Now check out this video on YouTube of the episode of Dawson's Creek entitled "The Unusual Suspects". Check around 1 minute and 15 seconds in, and look on the left. See it? If not, here's a hint. Pretty cool, right?


I believe that would be Phoenix's first TV appearance. Who would have known he'd have so many more to come with Linkin Park at awards shows, concerts, and more?


Thanks to Aiman of the LPU for the news and to [AndOne] for the screencap and telling me about it. Ana, have you ever seen this?

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All credit goes to Aiman from the LPU, he put all the work into it. We just brought it to your attention.

I said that on Phoenix Farrell Fansite....


thanks for your screen too! I wouldnt have had the time to do it..school...beurk

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thanks for the credit guys. and actually it was really easy to find lol. fiore said it aired on november 22 so i just looked at the episode guide on wikipedia and found the episode name n typed it in on youtube and voila!

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