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Dead By Sunrise: Vegas show update


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EDIT - Ryan Shuck posted the following message on JKMB:


everyone will be performing @ the CT party. we figured a way to do the whole band unplugged...

5 songs... will be really cool.

3 of us in the pix because we are the core of the band - there are more pics that will start rolling out as the campaign begins..

but yes - initially, it was going to be just the three of us...




From clubtattoo.com:

Posted ImagePosted Image

(click to enlarge)

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Lovin the DBS logo ev if it is simple ^^, so what is this stunt he's doing w Steve Wyrick? I thought the doctor told him not to do risky stuff anymore.

If it's anything like the "death drop" stunt I'm thinking of, it's one of those things that looks spectacular but really isn't all that dangerous. Plus Chester might not even be the one doing the stunt.

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Wehay, first post, long time LP live follower.


Had to re-register as there was a problem with my old one, and this was the thread that motivated me to do it, as for my final project in Art college, i done the DBS album. Sorry for the pics being huge, don't see people posting too many images on here so I didn't know what to expect.



The real logo I've been waiting for forever, and it looks amazing !


Posted Image


Posted Image

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looks good....

send it to chester ..maybe he will take it as the cover ^^

Ha yeah. I was stuck for ages in getting something together, and all I could think of was, Dammit Chester get back on Twitter and let us know something about the art direction !

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