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2019.08.31 - Taipei, Taiwan


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Miss us? Miss the Post Traumatic Tour? Well, you're in luck - cause everyone's back for a few more shows! Mike Shinoda is kicking off the second Asian leg (and, allegedly, the final leg) of the Post Traumatic Tour in Taipei, Taiwan at the ATT Show Box on August 31, 2019. 


This leg of the Post Traumatic Tour is hitting a few Asian countries that Mike missed on the first Asian leg, which was the first full leg of the Post Traumatic Tour (we've really come full circle, huh?). The first on the list is Taiwan. The last time Mike was in Taiwan was in 2013, on the Living Things Asian Tour. This show featured one of the band's most hailed setlists - the Living Things Tour Set B. Opening with a massive 'A Place For My Head,' the band quickly launched into a high energy set with 'Papercut' and 'Given Up' following. Of course, many Living Things tracks were being played at the time: a full 'Lost In The Echo' featuring the extended intro that used the synth from the demo 'Holding Company,' a rare studio version of 'Castle Of Glass,' and even a mash-up of 'Victimized' and 'QWERTY.'


Prior to the Living Things Tour, Linkin Park had visited Taipei three times. The first was on the Minutes To Midnight Tour in 2007, featuring a huge set with Minutes To Midnight bangers like 'No More Sorrow' and 'The Little Things Give You Away.' Fun fact: the night before the show, Linkin Park went into a studio in Taiwan to record their parts for their Busta Rhymes collaboration, 'We Made It.'  After a cancelled performance there in 2008 (due to Chester sustaining a back injury), the band returned in 2009 for a make-up show while touring for 'New Divide.' They performed at the 2009 Summer Rock Fest, bringing a pretty special set with them. Opening with a rare 'Session,' the band continued with huge tracks, which came complete with many fan-favorite extensions, such as the AMBO Intro to 'What I've Done' and the extended intro and outro of 'Points Of Authority,' which featured a verse of 'Dedicated' (for the first time ever) and 'A Place For My Head,' respectively.


The band returned two years later, in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns World Tour. This show featured a song ATS-era set, with big tracks like 'The Catalyst' and 'Blackout' making it an unforgettable performance. The intro of 'One Step Closer' was slightly extended at this show due to the band messing it up. In addition to performing there several times with Linkin Park, Mike performed with Fort Minor in Taipei, as well, opening for 50 Cent. The most notable moment from this show was the live debut of 'Cigarettes,' Mike rapping the first verse a cappella style for the crowd. The song received its full live debut years later, when Mike began performing the iconic 2015 Version during the Fort Minor comeback. Perhaps that's one of the song's we'll see performed for this show - from live debut to the new remix. Only in Taiwan.



Speaking of the sets, we all know how it works these days. And that is to say, we have literally no idea what Mike's going to play. Drummer Dan Mayo and multi-instrumentalist Matt Harris are returning to perform these last couple of shows with Mike, and we're glad to see them back! Matt was seen rehearsing 'Nobody Can Save Me' on his Instagram story, so it's definitely likely we see that song performed sometime on the tour.

The end of the Post Traumatic Tour left us with a multitude of potential opening songs, as well as a wild amount of rotations in the meat of the set. There are more opening songs than there are shows on this tour, which may potentially lead to some fun sets every night: the options are 'Welcome,' 'Petrified,' 'World's On Fire' (with 'Robot Boy' preceding it), 'Remember The Name,' and 'When They Come For Me.' Expect to hear plenty of Post Traumatic songs in the mix as well - and perhaps be on the look out for some live debuts! A few tracks have yet to be performed live from the album: 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' 'Brooding,' 'Promises I Can't Keep,' 'Can't Hear You Now' (in full), and 'What The Words Meant' are all still due for a live debut. This tour may be the last chance for them to see a debut - and with how special these few shows are going to be, it's certainly not out of the question. There are countless other songs we'll probably hear at some point on the tour, as well: 'Sorry For Now,' 'Roads Untraveled,' 'In Stereo,' and 'Kenji' are just some of the awesome tracks Mike played throughout the tour. What songs do you want to hear on this tour?


Opening for Mike at all the headlining dates are a band we're all familiar with at this point: Don Broco. The English boys are back to open for Mike yet again after playing with him throughout the United States and Europe. Linkin Park fans have grown to love them since they began performing with Mike - and it's no mystery why. The guys put on an eclectic show, with loads of energy and a certain sense of gratitude to make it a perfect show. Fans can expect to hear songs like 'Come Out To LA,' 'Everybody,' and 'T-Shirt Song,' and perhaps even hear some of the band's newer tracks, like single 'Half Man Half God.' Don Broco also has a history of joining Mike onstage for a particular jam. You might have heard of it. It's called 'A Place For My Head.' There's a GREAT chance we see Mike perform 'A Place For My Head' with Don Broco on this tour at least once, so if you're going to one of these shows, get ready to explode.



Who's going to the show? As always, we'll be providing live coverage of the shows on our social media, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news. After Taipei, Mike continues into Asia with three more shows: he'll be stopping in Jakarta and Manila before wrapping things up with a festival performance at the Wired Music Festival in Nagoya, Japan. It'll be a nice change of pace to have shows to cover again while we all await what's next for either Mike OR Linkin Park. Only time will tell, but for right now, we're ready to jam.


Check out the rest of Mike's 2019 touring schedule here.

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Don Broco is amazing. I’m seeing them for the 3rd time live in October.


I wasn’t a fan of Mike’s solo album but I’m curious what his setlist will look like. I’d 100% go see Mike if he came to Seattle even if I wasn’t a fan of the solo album. APFMH would be sick to see, I hope that collab goes done again.


Great write up! Thank you for all the hard work you still do. 


(Also, is they a way to change my name back to my new name Bliss? Not sure why my name reverted back to my original name)

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