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2019.03.23 - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


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Well, this is the end of the European leg of the tour, guys. Luxembourg City, it's your turn.


Last night in Ludwigsburg wasn't without its surprises. New additions to the set like 'Nobody Can Save Me' and 'Prove You Wrong' continue to impress, while Post Traumatic cuts like 'Hold It Together' and 'World's On Fire' showcase Mike's increased confidence on stage (seriously Mike, keep these tracks around for the Linkin Park comeback). The real surprise came during the 'Lift Off' jam, with the first verse of 'Nobody's Listening' coming back for the first time since the Minutes To Midnight tour in 2007. Mike is definitely pulling out some deep cuts as the tour winds down, between 'Dedicated' and 'Nobody's Listening'. Anything seems to be on the table.


Much like Ludwigsburg, Mike hasn't ever actually been to Luxembourg City, so let's just talk about some highlights from this leg of the tour instead. One of the most surprising nights of the tour was in London, where Mike not only debuted 'Nobody Can Save Me', which has since become a staple of the set, but also a stripped down version of 'Battle Symphony' (which I would love to see come back) and an incredibly emotional performance of 'One More Light', featuring their respective album collaborators, Jon Green and Eg White. 'Lift Off' also came back in full force from its debut in Silver Spring, with Mike using it as a sort of hip hop medley. It's featured parts of 'Step Up''High Voltage''Hands Held High', and 'Nobody's Listening' in its short lifespan on this leg of the tour. Could we see a different verse tonight? The 'Sorry For Now' demo verse was used when it made its live debut in Silver Spring, and its been a minute since we've seen that verse...


The last (headlining) night of a tour has always proved to be fun. Singapore saw the debuts of fan favorites 'High Road' (which has become quite the rarity) and 'Hold It Together'. Vienna had the infamous "Vienna four" with 'In Stereo''Cigarettes''Until It Breaks', AND 'It's Goin' Down' all making their debuts. What a wild show that was. Not to be outdone, Silver Spring had the live debut of 'Lift Off', which only just reappeared. We could see any number of things tonight. 'Can't Hear You Now' has been teased a few times, even getting rapped a capella on stage. Could we finally see it get its debut? Not to mention 'Place To Start''Invisible', and 'Sharp Edges', the only songs played in the US not played on this leg yet. And how about the remaining Post Traumatic songs? 'Brooding' might be pretty unlikely, but I know we'd love to see 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' and 'Promises I Can't Keep'.


Who's going to the show? Mark (Hahninator) is finishing his run in Europe with this show before coming back home, so say hey if you see him! After this, Mike finished off the Post Traumatic tour with two nights in Tel Aviv.


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Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's 2019 touring schedule here.

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This site is DEAD but can’t believe Mike’s tour is basically done. Only a few more shows in Israel and that’s it, end of an era. Wonder what will happen with Mike/LP in the future. 

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8 minutes ago, jeff10012003 said:

empty it to us, maybe? still a lot of unreleased stuff in that vault..


Yeah, that's what I mean. Time to release a bunch of unreleased songs, etc. with Chester. Honor his legacy. And then find a new singer and continue on the band.

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